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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nick's Lady By: Katherine Kingston

Title: Nick's Lady
Author: Katherine Kingston
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910876

Score: 4 out of 5

Andrea Fasselli is Nick's accountant. She has enough on her plate with trying to keep up with her Aunt's failing health and warding off a stalker. She doesn't have time for relationships or games. And she certainly doesn't want to have anything to do with BDSM after her experience with Cal, her stalker.

Nick is pulled into Andrea's issues with Cal when Cal oversteps his bounds and comes into the workplace to physically drag Andrea off like some caveman claiming his woman. He saves the day and wants to know Cal and Andrea's story. When he finds out that she was apart of a BDSM club he's intrigued and wants the chance to show her all BDSM has to offer in a safe, sane and consensual environment. But, Nick doesn't live his life like the vanilla folks. He has a few secrets that he keeps to himself until he feels Andrea can handle them.

But, when Nick refuses to even budge a little on a few major issues Andrea takes offense and wants out. Will Nick learn to compromise to keep Andrea?

ALl in all Ms. Kingston has written a very interesting novel. The play scenes in Nick's Lady opened my imagination to a whole new set of possibilities. Who knew an exercise room could be so much fun? Nick's Lady is about just that. Everything he can offer his woman he does. Including his protection and his dominance.

This isn't your normal BDSM tale. It could be considered erotic, but, I think it falls under the title of romance more than eroticism here. I liked Nick's character because we see how a Dominant can grow as a man. He doesn't have issues with communicating. But he does have problems where compromise is concerned. He has issues with his family that are unresolved until Andrea comes into his life. And he ends up learning more than he ever thought he would about himself, the lifestyle and pleasure. Once he realizes that Andrea is the one he lets her in on the other part of his life. A couple that he is very close to. His wife has a hard time sexually and Nick is there to help. It's brought their relationship all that much closer and he has no intention of letting them go for anyone.

I liked how strong Andrea was. At least when she needed to be. I felt her character to be very real in the aspect of human psychology. Nick says no, she tries not to push. She has phone conversations with his mother behind his back, so she doesn't upset their relationship. All of these could have truly happened. Andrea is very accepting of Nick's life with his best friends and doesn't create an issue. At the start of the book Andrea is open to going out with Nick but wary of the lifestyle after Cal's mistreatment. After just a few short visits with Nick though, she's much more comfortable than she started out. Nick isn't as pushy as some Dominants maybe and that's perfectly alright with her.

The writing in this book was pretty good. I felt it could have had not necessarily more description but a better use of description. I would have loved to have been more drawn into these characters emotionally. Although, I liked these characters, I started to get the feeling that maybe the material was difficult with all the physical scenes. There's the argument in the office, the tantalizing plays at the club, then the scenes themselves. That much playing a book is fine. I just felt a little left out emotionally.

I will be seeing what Katherine Kingston has to offer in the future. She has a great opportunity to grow as an author, because her ability to spin a tale and think outside the box is captivating.

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