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Friday, May 25, 2007

Southern Submissives: Katie By: Dominique Adair

Title: Southern Submissives: Katie
Author: Dominique Adair
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0916-0

Score: 4.5

I enjoyed reading the romance of Katie. She's the strong quiet type. Always doing what is expected of her and giving as much of herself as she can while she does it. She ended up at Utopia after taking care of her sick mother for so many years. Now that her mother is in a peaceful home where she can have round the clock care she wants time out for herself. Her best friend and business partner Holly knows exactly what she needs. A long weekend at an exclusive island having all her sexual needs attended to. And what has she been needing? To be dominated.

Rick isn't expecting an instant hard on when he's fixing the printer to get registrations underway. Especially, since that hard on is directed to the most covered figure in the room. He knows that Holly, his cousin sent her and he know he has to have her. When she does leave he pulls up her file to learn more about her. She's interested in bondage and discipline and he can't stop himself from being the one to give her the weekend she'll remember for the rest of her life. And as it turns out, his life.

Ms. Adair really weaved a tale here for me. I'm not usually into the fantasy weekend aspect, but she really made it more than just racus sex and bratty subs who are out to prove THEY are stronger than the Dominant. Despite Katie's nervousness, she was ready for this. That alone is endearing to my heart. When you're ready you just know it and Katie couldn't have been wanting this more. She proved that when a stranger walks up to her while she's masterbating, takes her as his own and punishes her for pleasing herself. But, he isn't the man who would claim her for the weekend. Still she's ok with that. When the man finally does show up, she has no idea what he looks like but she knows she loves his voice and commanding nature. He isn't just bossy, he can get what he wants by simply requesting it.

Which made this Dominant hot in my book. There's a little something there for everyone with him. He's kind and stern. He's rough yet gentle. He pushes her limits and makes her beg for what she wants. While at the same time he explains things to her that she doesn't understand. That includes explaining her exboyfriend who said it was all about him and that's how Doms are supposed to be. I was mad for the poor girl. Rick has one tiny problem though. He can't leave the island until he turns 40. And he's almost 39, which as I understand, isn't 40. He owns the place, his brother and him have worked hard to achieve their dreams and the cut off for vacations is 40.
He's fallen for Katie who's known as Katherine for the weekend. She's everything he needs and he knows he's everything she needs. At the end of the weekend neither of them want to part. Yet, the way she's tossed aside after their weekend and the fact Katie finds out he owns the island is all the incentive she needs to return to her life in New Orleans.

Although this book was pure fantasy, Dominique made the characters very real to me as a reader. I enjoyed the fact that Rick was not your idea of a Dominant upon first meeting him. He saves it for the one he wants and he wants Katie. Katie starts out with submissive tendencies. This in my book scored high. The mouthy, independent submissive isn't here. Katie is in control of her own life because she has to be. Which tells me if she had to be again she could. She's strong, but she's searching for that one that she can depend on and submit herself to. Her character almost had me in tears for that reason.

Although the sex scenes were a bit much with the repeition of words that I'm not a big fan of (such as was.... it really distracts me from a story.), the sex between them is explosive and real. Not every position is comfortable that he asks her to go into. She isn't too thrilled about the foot play at first, but quickly adapts when she realizes how enjoyable it is. Which reminds me, if you're looking for a full on food play scene, you know, covered head to toe, this is the book for you. I was so hungry after reading it I had to go buy cupcakes.

I really enjoyed the ending. I think you will too. Although, this is erotica. It's very romantic from start to finish. I finished reading it on a sigh. Maybe I'll see these two again in the future.

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