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Monday, April 16, 2007

The Melinoe Project By: D. L. King

Title: The Melinoe Project
Author: D.L. King
Publisher: Renaissance E-Books 2007
ISBN: 978-1-60089-024-6

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Ray is your average guy looking to do something fascinating and meaningful in his life. He isn't really lost he just isn't where he wants to be right now. He comes across an opportunity of a lifetime to live out a fantasy he's always had. To be fully dominanted by a woman or in this case several women. For five thousand dollars he's agreed to be poked, prodded, cleaned out, electrocuted and treated like a science project for a few days.

In the course of this time he's brought to orgasm more times than any real life male could possibly handle and at the same time pushed past any limits he might have had. He's whipped and electrocuted by the best in the business and despite being deathly afraid of this he couldn't be more excited.

His aftercare is in the fascility's hospital which includes having his bowels interrupted by a bag because the burns he sustained to his anal cavaity were too deep to allow him to pass fecal matter. He needs salve to heal the other wounds on his body and lots of restorative sleep. Orgasms are completely off limits during this time and he receieves the ultimate in after care. All of this in hopes to gain a position as a resident slave to serve and live among the resident Domme's.

During his time there he meets a soft spoken gentle Domme and they seem to hit it off well. So well that he's given into her care for what they both hope to be eternity.

This isn't really a love story though, it's more of a story about Ray's transition from everyday guy into the ultimate slave. D.L King has done a great job and knows what is going on to be able to realisticly explain his treatment. Even the disconnection rings true. Since of course all this was, was an extreme medical scene. This is something that I'm not too familiar with, however, I feel the author did a great job making it feel very professional and medical.

I do however, wish I had been allowed to view Ray a little better. I feel this story was more told than shown. I would have loved to delve into Ray's psyche and seen everything from his eyes instead of from some viewpoint that wasn't really his nor the narrator's. The amount of pet words such as was and were's, were very distracting to me, not really giving me a clear feel of how talented this author truly could be. All of these amounted to a story that told me more than it actually showed me. And because of these things the story seemed to just carry on at some points and I was forced to put it down and come back later.

If all I had to score this on was the authors ability to get the facts straight then D.L would have won above a five. However, with the ability to tell a story being forced into the mix I am forced to take points off. I truly hope D.L's next book shows me more of the character and less of the he did this, she did that routine.

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