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Monday, February 12, 2007

Bound By: Sasha White

Title: Bound
Author: Sasha White
Publisher: Berkley

Score: 5 out of 5

I was told Bound wasn't "really" a BDSM novel. I'd like to state for the record here and now, that Joe is Dominant and Katie is submissive. The rules are different for each individual. Those in this lifestyle actually have lives outside of Dominating and submitting. And believe it or not, sometimes a submissive has a say so in how their life is conducted. This was the beauty of Sasha White's, Bound. It isn't your typical BDSM story line. The characters are going through so much more in their lives besides sexual self discovery. Katie has plans, Joe has plans and they just happened to cross paths at a time in their lives when they needed one another.

First off this novel was written in first person. Which I would like to inform you, I dislike first person. The reason I dislike first person, is you have to be so close to your character that there is almost no distinction any longer between you as the author and your proposed character. Nothing is left out for the reader, not to mention it has to be worded in such an entertaining way that the reader has to give a damn. Ms. White had a huge hill to climb with me to make this story worth my while. I graded this book harder simply because first person is a distraction for me, leaving me open to be more critical. In so doing, she raised my own standards for reading and I won't put a book back just because it's written in first person. She did a wonderful job of getting inside the characters head. I loved reading about Katie and all the tangled mess she got herself into.

Bound is a typical story line. Katie is in a small town trying to get out. She doesn't want to change herself for a man like her mother does. She doesn't want the suffocation of a relationship where she isn't allowed to grow. Most of all, she just wants to go somewhere where everyone doesn't know her. In her quest to do that she catches the attentions of Joe, the security guard at the casino she works for. On a dare she puts on a show for the hot security guard, on the security camera and on the phone. He's instructed her to go home and get ready for him.

Katie loves the control Joe has over her, yet refuses to give up everything. She just wants to be his little slut in the bedroom. Do everything he says in bed, but when playtime is over she wants to go back to her regularly scheduled life. Get out of the small town. Move to a big town. No strings attached relationship. Joe is all to happy to oblige. Katie has a best friend and that best friend is a closet lesbian with a live in girlfriend. As Katie winds her own twisted knot of problems with Joe, her mother and her mother's little secret, her best friend is there to finally tell her like it is. And it isn't pretty when Katie has to finally face herself. She has a lot to overcome and it almost seems like there will be no end. Thankfully, there is always Joe to give her the freedom she seeks.

The sex between Joe and Katie had me reaching for toys I had long put away. Everything was so believable. Sasha stayed in the moment and didn't let up until the scene was over. They are an amazing duo and if they can ever work through their differences, they'd make a great team. This how Bound was not your typical novel. Joe isn't her opponent. They don't argue and fight through out the whole book to build sexual tension. Ms. White had that down to a "t", the problem didn't lie in the relationship. It was Katie. Joe has his own issues, but they are never at each others throats about it. It was a nice break from the usual.

Here is where I feel first person succeeds when done properly. You saw Katie's disbelief in the situation, her own disgust with herself, her indecisiveness. Nothing was left out. Even with the door wide open in the bedroom scenes, this story was more romantic than erotic. The sex was there because that's all Katie craved from her partner, but there is much more going on than sex and sexual behavior.

I'm not going to give away anymore of the story line here. There several little secrets in this book and I think as a reader you shouldn't be privy to them. They need to be discovered by you. Some will make you cringe, others will make you smile. But, what I want you to take from this book is that although a person doesn't want to admit something about themselves it doesn't make it any less so. Katie is your typical closet sub. Only she knows her feelings and she has a hard time admitting them, even to herself. She isn't very willing to let go of the idea that being submissive some how makes her weak. Every true sub I've ever met had more strength than even the most powerful person you can think of. In this case, it makes me wonder about Katie's future and if she'll ever finally let go of her inhibitions.

If it isn't obvious, I'll say it again. Bound is an intriguing novel. Anyone looking for a light read to curl up to, this one is it. I can't wait to read more from this author.

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