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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I, Domina by Lanna Morris

Title: I, Domina
Author: Lanna Morris
Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
ISBN: 978-1-60168-024-2
Reviewed By: Heidi Cook
Rating: 4 out of 5

Elizabeth has had enough. Enough of her job, enough of her cheating boyfriend, and enough of anything to do with men and sex. She has decided that it is time to take a stand, time to get even and then some. On the suggestion of a friend she looks into becoming a Dominatrix, and soon finds herself being interviewed by the Madam Samantha, the best dominatrix in the BDSM community of Australia. The only snag is that she has absolutely no experience in BDSM except what she has picked up online; will she be good enough to become as big as she yearns to?

In I, Domina the reader follows Elizabeth around as she gets plunged into the deep end of the BDSM world. It is written in the first person and so everything that Elizabeth experiences the reader does too, in every cringe worthy detail. This book had me in places laughing out loud and then a couple of pages on cringing at Elizabeth’s ineptness.

Lanna Morris has written, at least in the most part, a light hearted BDSM book. Once you get further into the book the reader will witness how Elizabeth’s refusal to take orders gets her into much more trouble then she thought possible, or even legal. In some scenes it is almost painful to watch the interaction that occurs between Elizabeth and the other doms as her resistance causes them to use more force then they would normally use, at least on someone who is so untrained. However as is the theme with this book just a few pages on and you’ll be laughing and cringing again at her antics.

I have mixed feelings about this book, on the one hand I enjoyed the humour that Lanna Morris managed to create with her character but on the other, I felt some of the scenes involving her peers were a bit forced and more then a little harsh; on a least one occasion she is practically tied down and gang-raped by them. Although as a whole this book works and is a very interesting concept, I’ve not read a book that uses the perspective of a trainee before, especially not one so free willed as Elizabeth. This will be an intriguing read for anyone who is already involved within the BDSM scene, however I would strongly recommend those who have never read a BDSM book before, who are easily offended or against the idea of forced sex not to read this book.

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