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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sylvie’s Gift By: Adrianna Dane

Title - Sylvie’s Gift
Author - Adrianna Dane

Publisher - Amber Quill Press

ISBN# 1-59279-342-8
Rating -
4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by Kevin

He would have her. Just in the few short hours he’d spent with her, Daimaen knew Sylvie was meant to be his. He sensed that she was fearful, but excited. She was extremely sensitive to his voice, his touch.

Adrianna Dane’s juicy novella Sylvie’s Gift is a wonderfully sensual and erotic read. It traces an arc of awakening and finally submission in the life of powerful executive Sylvie Taylor, who is now running the company that was once her father’s. The story opens with a coltish woman who seems almost unaware of her true beauty, and afraid that revealing what she does know of it will grant those who possess this knowledge some sort of power over her. Little does she know that the truest power yet lay within her, yearning to be released and ultimately

Sylvie first meets Daimaen Sinclair at a party her best friend Allison drags her to. Allison knows exactly who he is, and what kind of man he is. It is all slowly revealed to Sylvie, once she agrees to take the escape from the party that Daimaen offers her. He guides their first sexual encounter, but only at Sylvie’s request. He gives her what she has never known before – bliss. And he does it while keeping his pants on and tightly zipped up.

We begin to see him control as well as guide her, even during this first encounter. She is compelled as much by her curiosity as her satisfaction to agree to a second encounter. Even before the encounter Sylvie begins to realize that Daimaen has a powerful and commanding way about him, and that she is drawn to it as a proverbial moth to the flame. All this despite her growing realization that he is a Dom. She comes to this through further discussion with her best friend, who is open with Sylvie about her own sexual predilections. Allison shares some of what she knows about Daimaen, and the knowledge does not dampen Sylvie’s undeniable desire for him.

Daimaen begins to push the envelope of their budding relationship with a sailing voyage on their second encounter. Daimaen slowly begins to draw Sylvie toward a greater depth of knowledge about what truly thrills and excites her. Here Dane’s story is an excellent demonstration of how the exchange of power begins inside the submissive. Marvelous possibilities, both sensual and emotional, open up for Sylvie when she begins to explore the freedom of opening up completely to someone who pushes her to become intimate with her deepest desires, and will do anything to protect them as well as her. But first there must be demonstrable trust between them, and Daimaen begins to build it, even as he weaves his web of mastery over her without lifting his own hand.

It becomes apparent as the story moves on that their relationship has become even more deeply D/s. But this is implied, rather than explicit. We never see them making love. We never see Sylvie being bound, or disciplined in any way by her Master. Still, it becomes obvious that she has given herself over to him.

Then the story takes a dramatic turn. Sylvie’s very life is put into peril, and Daimaen rushes back from out of town to (hopefully) save her. Here we see their relationship deepen further after she is released from the hospital. In the pivotal scene in their relationship, we find Sylvie fearful of Daimaen after having driven him to a moment of anger. She is afraid that he could become physically abusive, as she remembered her father with her mother. He demonstrates to her that his control over himself is every bit as great as that which he extends over her. Her complete trust is finally won.

Finally we see the Master and his sub have a fully sexual encounter. Although it is a bit tame from a bondage standpoint, this next encounter is nonetheless torrid enough to peel the paint from the walls. Mentally and emotionally, Sylvie is already bound to her Master. He doesn’t need much to physically demonstrate this to her. But he still must protect her one last time.

The rest of the storylines are resolved as Sylvie and Daimaen prevail over those who endangered her. The slightly predictable twist at the end of the story, but not enough to spoil the story. As the story closes, Daimaen proves once and for all that he is Master of all facets of Sylvie’s life, going so far as to help bring her a bit of closure with her past. We can safely assume that the spankings will continue until behavior is perfected. But never
too perfect. As a piece of fiction, this novella is a very good read.

As a piece of erotic fiction, it is paced perfectly, and well worth the read. As a piece of BDSM fiction, it possesses enough elements to hold ones kinky interest. The psychological and emotional aspects of a D/s relationship are thoroughly explored here. I recommend it enthusiastically.

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