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Friday, June 29, 2007

Into His Keeping By: Gail Faulkner

Author: Gail Faulkner
Title: Into His Keeping
Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910579

Reviewed By: Monique
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Blurb from Elloraʼs Cave:

She became the air he breathed. Her passionate gift of surrender matched his dominant soul. Then she was gone. Heʼd never accepted that sheʼd wanted to leave. Ensuring she could find her way back to him was the drive that shaped him into a modern-day gladiator as ruthless as any whoʼd lived to walk off the blood-soaked field in the original Coliseum. Fifteen years later it was way past time to accept sheʼd chosen not to return.

Second chances were wishful thinking. Jill wasnʼt looking for one. She didnʼt have time for pipe dreams and she had no illusions about the stranger Holdin had become. Famous, rich and now retired from football, he might not remember her. If he did, he might not care to hear what actually happened so long ago. She desperately hoped she had something he would care about though.

A second chance was all Holdin needed. Ensuring possession of Jill was a battle he intended to win. Veteran of a thousand fields of honor, Holdin knew better than to expect a fair fight.

I incorporated the description given by Elloraʼs Cave to give you a sense of what makes this story absolutely fascinating. It begins as an all consuming tidal wave of emotion and it never lets up. Miss Faulkner has managed to create two characters that need each other with so much intensity, itʼs breathtaking.

I particularly liked that she gives us a glimpse of our hero/heroine as young lovers, sweethearts, if you will, where even in their innocence, they had the makings of a Dom/sub relationship. Holdin has always known who he is, but the tenderness with which he teaches Jill about submission really gives the reader a beautiful glimpse into the BDSM lifestyle. During their first love making scene, he eases her into it with such care, such gentleness, you really get a sense of how much he respects and loves her, despite the beast within him that begs to come out. As adults, their love scenes get hotter and hotter, until it finally explodes into a full out heated session with toys, rough commands, and a breakdown in the shower that will leave you flushed and teary eyed all at once.

The vivid account of Jillʼs trip into subspace also displayed Miss Faulknerʼs thorough understanding of whatʼs so appealing in this lifestyle. It was intense, but at the same time, when Jill peaked, we understood her euphoria. That sort of writing is difficult to come by.

Expect to be moved by this story. Miss Faulknerʼs writing borders on poetic. She creates a realistic family dynamic that made me laugh at times. Her understanding of male bonding is sharp and I wonder if she could share that insight with the rest of the world. We could certainly use it. But seriously, what struck me most were the emotions, not just in the romance, but even in the small moments, that will imprint the life story of Holdin and Jill in your memory for a long time after youʼve read it.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Discovery, By Cris Anson

Publisher: Ellora's Cave: Quickies: Valentine Vixens
Title: Discovery
Author: Cris Anson
ISBN: 9781419909429

Reviewed By: Canice Brown-Porter
Rating: 4 out of 5

Becca is a middle-aged attorney who needs to explore her true nature. An identity she's suppressed all her life. After ten years of marriage to Steve, she knows they are in a rut. Perhaps this will rekindle the fire that had consumed them in the beginning. Finding herself and exploring the submissiveness she harbors deep inside could be just the answer she needs. At the same time, she'd be able to experience her dark fantasies of exhibitionism. Becca just wants to let go and delve into the desires she's kept locked away. Just once, she wants to experience the unspeakable.

This is where her friend, Glynnis, had come into the picture. Through Glynnis, arrangements for a weekend getaway were in place. Steve would suspect nothing. She and Glynnis occasionally headed off for some "girl time".

However, the giant Dominant that greeted her at the door quickly had her mind racing. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea afterall. But, Glynnis had assured her she would be perfectly safe. And her friend wasn't about to let her back out now. So, when the giant motioned them both inside, Becca took that first step into Discovery.

This is a well written story that takes the reader into the world of BDSM with smiles, giggles, amazement, and sparks of fire. Ms. Anson conveys the true guidelines of a Dominant/submissive relationship. The presence of the BDSM creed for Safe, Sane, and Consensual is woven into the dialogue and actions of all participants.

Discovery is a story of a woman who wants to rekindle the passion in her life. She realizes this is only possible if she can experience and explore all her deepest, darkest desires. With a surprise twist at the end, the reader closes the book with a sated appetite for hot sex. I love it when authors get the truth of the BDSM lifestyle right.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Main Attraction By: Anna J. Evans

Title: Main Attraction
Author: Anna J. Evans
Publisher:Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910326

Score 4.5 out of 5

This blurb is taken from the Ellora's Cave website. It was not written by myself.

Edna Emily Argent Rella runs the Wicked Stepmother and her Stepsisters S&M parlor in Kingdom City, but she has a secret… She's not so terribly wicked. A dominatrix by necessity, rather than calling, she does her best to capitalize on her naughty reputation. After the smear campaign waged by her stepdaughter Cynthia, there aren't many other employment options.

Frank, the Captain of the Queen's Guard, has been sent to protect Edna from the stalker threatening her life. Posing as a client, this dominant male soon realizes he's in for more trouble than he bargained for.

Because Edna is a born submissive. And Frank can't resist the urge to show her what she's been missing while on the Mistress side of the fence.

Ms Evans has written a titilating tale of danger, deception and Dominance. As fast as this book moved I was surprised she was able to fit a complete story in less than a hundred pages. But she did. And did an amazing job of it.

Edna's character is interesting because of status. She was married to the Queen's father. After all the lies her step daughter told and the death of her husband she can't find a job. She was left with employing herself and taking on those that needed to unleash their submissive sides as a Dominant. After she meets Frank who she's dubbed as baldy, she can't keep up her facade. She cracks under his Dominant energy. And then after some prodding and a misunderstanding she allows him to take her the only way he wants to take her. With him in control. She couldn't be more hot for him. The scenes with these two had my computer screen smoldering. All I truly was able to see of Edna was her submissive nature for sex. Although, the story has a plot, her attraction and response to Frank was more important.

Frank doesn't have to use force to get what he wants from Edna. He just has a magnatism that could bring any woman to her knees. He claims Edna's pussy as his and doesn't let her believe otherwise. I loved how he wanted to protect her. Wanted to claim her as his upon their first meeting. That just isn't possible because he's a man where his job comes first. Very endearing in a man.

The scenes in this book were perfect for these two characters. I however, did not enjoy the amount of author voice tossed into this book. There is a time and a place to go through your thoughts. In the middle of an action sequence or in the middle of conversation is not that place. Otherwise, this book is staying on my keeper shelf.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Giving Thanks To Laura Garcia

When I first started reading Ellora's Cave BDSM books for review I was really concerned about what the editors thought BDSM was supposed to be. Laura Garcia has done a fabulous job of sending books over from EC that is BDSM related. Not just fluffy spanking. These people truly either live this in the bedroom or both. I thank her for not sending me the fluff that I would have to send back because it wasn't true BDSM material.

Thank you Laura, you take alot of weight off my shoulders for all these reviews.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

His Submissive By: Reese Gabriel

Title: His Submissive
Author: Reese Gabriel
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910364

Score: 4 out of 5

WOW. Where do I even start about this book. At first Ms. Gabriel really had me sweating bullets with the mention of slave. As this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. The last thing I wanted to do was send an email to EC and explain that I can't review their book because they screwed up the details. Not to mention I was actually enjoying these two characters. Boy am I glad I kept reading and started to understand the dynamics of their relationship. I was glued to my chair for hours to read this book. Ok it took two settings but I have a toddler we can't expect me to read 127 pages in one sitting. I was riveted by the sexual tension. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants at Linzee's attempt to outwit David Carlisle. it had nothing to with her brattiness. It had more to do with her ability to curse him at every turn and his reaction to her nasty tongue.

You see Linzee believes BDSM is somewhere up there with concentration camp victims. Abused, mistreated, broken down. And whipped like slaves. Ok she has a little of that right. Slaves are whipped in BDSM. But, everyone enjoys it. Linzee's sister Traycee wants Linzee and David to sit down and talk. Hash things out, make Linzee understand the lifestyle better. The reason is, Traycee has told David how unhappy Linzee is with her decision to submerge herself into such a female degrading lifestyle. Linzee has other plans though. She sits down with David and immediatly begins insulting him. At first I raised a brow. I mean seriously, who would go to such an extreme. Evidentally, Linzee does anytime she doesn't understand something. Want to talk about, cool, calm and in control at all times. David lets her have her say. He doesn't interrupt her, he doesn't loose his cool. And doesn't bend her over in the coffee shop. There are no threats of what will happen if she keeps up. Nothing. He states his case and watches as she flies off the handle. Any man worth his weight knows that when someone gets that way, bating them only add fuel to the fire. Not to mention she already hates this lifestyle. Why give her more of a reason to believe her ignorance.

Now David has an interest in Linzee, he sees slave written all over her and he wants her. He immediatly cancels becoming Traycee's mentor and decides to take on Linzee's training himself. He gives her a direct order that she's to wear a black dress to dinner. Of course Linzee scoffs at this, but then later decides to wear the black dress anyway. It was her only suitable dinner dress. Whatever her reasonings doesn't matter to David right now. SHe wore the dress. He offers her a challenge to try having an over the knee spanking first and see how she likes it before she continues to insult the lifestyle. As what he expects, she takes the bate. It only takes a little prompting for Linzee to start to respond and for David to realize he couldn't be more right about her. The thing is he's not looking for a submissive he's looking for a sex slave.

Their on again off again relationship continues throughout the book. She hates herself for how she feels and takes it out on David by flinging insults. He counters by not allowing her to orgasm. Forcing her to strip naked in his office. Having sex with her until she's about to explode and leaving her to wait. Telling her to give him blowjobs that he doesn't reciporcate. He has her trembling little body in the palm of his hand and there's nothing she can do about it. She's too needy for an orgasm that she can't seem to give herself. And worse all she can think about is his pleasure and how she can do more for him.

All of this culminates into issues for Linzee. She works as an attorney and walking around in a subbie low all day is giving her fits. SHe can't think, concentrate, move, all thoughts are on him. Her Master. Or the man she refuses to accept as Master. With her past and what happened to her parents she's torn between giving into her desires and holding strong for her sister who doesn't really need her anymore. It all makes for a very dramatic story line. One I thouroughly enjoyed.

I did have two issues with this book. One is the amount of author voice that constantly creeps in there. Stay in the moment. It's the only thing an author has in her writing. We can infer alot, discuss after the big heated discussion or sex scene is complete. Don't drag me out of the tale to give me her or his entire thought process on the situation. Secondly, The first several pages had my jaw dropping. This woman believes M/s, S/m, BDSM, D/s to all be degrading and painful. Then in the next second she's having fantasies of this happening. Goes home and dreams of it happening. She doesn't do any research until later, so she knows nothing of the lifestyle. To me that was the equivalent of a virgin whose never heard of sex suddenly having dreams of penetration. She can't imagine it because knows nothing about it. However, I refused to allow that to ruin my experience with this book. As a whole His Submissive was a very entertaining read.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just Friends By: Ann Thomas

Title: Just Friends
Author: Ann Thomas
Publisher: Amber Heat
ISBN: 978-1-60272-061-9

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Eli Walsh and Wolf Grant have been good, platonic friends for the better part of a year. Though Eli's always been attracted to Grant, he's resigned himself to being just friends. But when Eli finds out Grant cruises for dates at the local gay leather club, he goes there, determined to convince Grant that the only one he should be bringing home that night is Eli. The problem is that if Eli tells Grant flat-out he wants him, it could ruin their friendship. Eli's had that happen before, and he's not about to risk it happening again.

Grant's offers to mentor Eli in the BDSM lifestyle seems the perfect solution. Though Grant insists they'll remain just friends, Eli is sure that during the intimacy of their play he can show Grant exactly how he feels, make Grant crave Eli so much that he won't want their lessons to end. And when Eli learns how powerful submission to Grant can be, he's certain they're meant to be together.

But heartbreak in Grant's past has made him wary of falling in love. Can Eli convince Grant to take a chance on their relationship, or will Eli's confession of loving Grant destroy their friendship once and for all?

Sometimes I swear the author of the book can write a better blurb than I can. This blurb is directly off of the website. I have stolen for review purposes.

Ms. Thomas has entered me into a life I never read about. The life of Male/male relationships. And I have to say, for my first m/m read, I'm impressed. I really liked the fact that these two are friends and Grant is aloof despite his feelings and Eli is trying desperately not to fall for the guy. I also haven't read a tale of two friends getting together in a very long time. So it was a nice change to the usual.

Eli is your typical male sub trying to find his way. He'd like to experience both sides to see where he stands. But when he kneels at the feet of the man he wants to spend the rest of his life all thoughts of Dominating fly out the window. Grant offers to show him the ropes in the lifestyle. If this is his only chance to get close enough to Grant to touch him, he'll take it. He just doesn't realize exactly what it will do to him.

Grant is aloof and refuses to get involved. He takes little subbies home for a night, sends em packing before morning. It's the way he's always done things. Well at least since the last terrible relationship he was in. He just can't afford for it to happen twice. Not to mention Eli is his best friend. What danger that could do to the relationship. But, Grant makes a mistake. He lets Eli stay for the night. But, tries to make it up to himself by being gone before his friend wakes. He leaves him a note letting him no that he'll find him a submissive since he doesn't sub to anyone. Now, this was the part I really liked. Grant is more than welcome to walk away from this and pretend it was nothing more than friends with benefits and not jeopardize everything. This doesn't happen often. I know I've never been able to pull it off successfully. Now you just get to find out how far Eli is willing to let this go before he steps up.

As much as I liked the writing of this story. Her descriptives were well written, but, I still felt a little withdrawn from the characters. Sorta like I was outside looking in. Her sex scenes were hot enough to burn up my pages, but the dynamics of the relationship were a bit lost on me. Maybe it was because it was my first time reading m/m, but I don't think so. I'd really like to see her delve a little more into the characters psyches, stay out of author voice and push to stay in the moment. Otherwise I felt this book was the exact change I needed in my reading. Thank you Ms. Thomas and I hope to read more from you.

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Nick's Lady By: Katherine Kingston

Title: Nick's Lady
Author: Katherine Kingston
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910876

Score: 4 out of 5

Andrea Fasselli is Nick's accountant. She has enough on her plate with trying to keep up with her Aunt's failing health and warding off a stalker. She doesn't have time for relationships or games. And she certainly doesn't want to have anything to do with BDSM after her experience with Cal, her stalker.

Nick is pulled into Andrea's issues with Cal when Cal oversteps his bounds and comes into the workplace to physically drag Andrea off like some caveman claiming his woman. He saves the day and wants to know Cal and Andrea's story. When he finds out that she was apart of a BDSM club he's intrigued and wants the chance to show her all BDSM has to offer in a safe, sane and consensual environment. But, Nick doesn't live his life like the vanilla folks. He has a few secrets that he keeps to himself until he feels Andrea can handle them.

But, when Nick refuses to even budge a little on a few major issues Andrea takes offense and wants out. Will Nick learn to compromise to keep Andrea?

ALl in all Ms. Kingston has written a very interesting novel. The play scenes in Nick's Lady opened my imagination to a whole new set of possibilities. Who knew an exercise room could be so much fun? Nick's Lady is about just that. Everything he can offer his woman he does. Including his protection and his dominance.

This isn't your normal BDSM tale. It could be considered erotic, but, I think it falls under the title of romance more than eroticism here. I liked Nick's character because we see how a Dominant can grow as a man. He doesn't have issues with communicating. But he does have problems where compromise is concerned. He has issues with his family that are unresolved until Andrea comes into his life. And he ends up learning more than he ever thought he would about himself, the lifestyle and pleasure. Once he realizes that Andrea is the one he lets her in on the other part of his life. A couple that he is very close to. His wife has a hard time sexually and Nick is there to help. It's brought their relationship all that much closer and he has no intention of letting them go for anyone.

I liked how strong Andrea was. At least when she needed to be. I felt her character to be very real in the aspect of human psychology. Nick says no, she tries not to push. She has phone conversations with his mother behind his back, so she doesn't upset their relationship. All of these could have truly happened. Andrea is very accepting of Nick's life with his best friends and doesn't create an issue. At the start of the book Andrea is open to going out with Nick but wary of the lifestyle after Cal's mistreatment. After just a few short visits with Nick though, she's much more comfortable than she started out. Nick isn't as pushy as some Dominants maybe and that's perfectly alright with her.

The writing in this book was pretty good. I felt it could have had not necessarily more description but a better use of description. I would have loved to have been more drawn into these characters emotionally. Although, I liked these characters, I started to get the feeling that maybe the material was difficult with all the physical scenes. There's the argument in the office, the tantalizing plays at the club, then the scenes themselves. That much playing a book is fine. I just felt a little left out emotionally.

I will be seeing what Katherine Kingston has to offer in the future. She has a great opportunity to grow as an author, because her ability to spin a tale and think outside the box is captivating.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Mastering Marissa By: Cyna Kade

Title: Mastering Marissa
Author: Cyna Kade
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Score: 4.5 out of 5

What an interesting story to talk about. Marissa and Kytar, Talcor

After Marissa's mother's death, she's able to thankfully end communications with her abusive step father. Going through her mother's things she finds a letter that was written to her many years ago. The letter is explaining that her natural father lives on Darinth and would like to meet her one day.

Her father, Davo, is excited to finally speak to his daughter and asks her to come to a visit. But, Marissa is all to aware how things are on his planet. The degradation of women, forcing them into slavery and abusing them. Marissa has no intentions of ending up like her mother. Repeatedly she turns him down despite his protests that their planet does what the women are wanting them to do. He sends several videos for her to view. The real videos, not the ones the media wants you to see. Despite her desire not to find them intriguing and erotic, she does. Her own desires humiliate her, but she can't say no to her father after he promises to protect her.

She leaves for her father's planet and stays put in the waiting section. This is the only safe place for a woman. There she can wait for her father and although she can't stop the learing, no one can harm her. A man she doesn't know approaches her and offers to help. She refuses him repeatedly and then, thanks to the call of nature accepts his help. No sooner than she comes out of the bathroom does he bind her to him with a few magical words, leaving her close to orgasm and a need for submission. Again images of her beaten and bruised mother come to mind and she proceeds to fight her captor.

Kytar has kidnapped Marissa to get back at her father for interfering with his own group of people. He didn't expect the binding to steal his breath away and leave him wanting for more. Worse is, he doesn't understand how Marissa isn't giving into her true nature. The spell that binded them has left her feeling submissive towards him and she's fighting him every step of the way. He wants to be gentle with her, but her actions anger and confuse him. It takes everything he has not to harm her. He offers her his collar and outright refuses him, screaming about slavery. Something hs planet does not believe in. He believes her position to be honerable. After all, she gets to have pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

He can feel her response to him, he needs to get back at Davo, so he locks her away in a cell hoping to force her acceptance of his collar. Marissa is furious with herself that she wants him and what he has to offer so badly. She blames it on the magic, but she still can't deny her body. Three days locked in a cell and the only thing she gets to see is him is about all she can physically take. She begs him to just take her. Have sex with her. He's insulted and refuses. She has to accept his collar first.

The collar is practically forced on her and even after she takes it she wants it off. But on Darinth there is no such thing as giving back a collar. The only way to make that happen is to challenge the Dominant's Dominance. Marissa feels if she doesn't do this she'll end up a shell of a woman like her mother, covered in bruises with no say in the matter. Despite how happy she has seen the other women on the planet, there are no promises and fear finally forces her to make this challenge.

She speaks to her father about all of this. He's refused to help because Marissa is no longer his property. He tries to calm her fears about submission but she won't have it and her father is left with no choice but to offer the challenge to Kytar.

Kytar is beside himself that she's offered this challenge. She doesn't understand what she asks. It could mean the death of both of them if the final ceremony doesn't go properly. He knows though, that this is the only way that he's going to earn Marissa's submission and he's prepared to go through it. That is of course if he can have the help of his close friend Talcor.

I can't give away anymore of the story line because I do want there to be some surprises. I will say though that I enjoyed this book immensly. I loved Marissa's character. She doesn't just find herself in a submissive position one day. Without her truly knowing or understanding it, she found those video's tantalizing, giving me at least a glimpse into a side of herself that has yet to be awakened. It's common practice for subs to test their Doms and Darinth seemed to be a better place to do so than earth. It wasn't a usual testing. It gave an excuse for Kytar to cause pain to her to force her submission. And it gave Marissa insight into Kytar. She doesn't trust him or herself. This challenge is what she needed to prove once and for all not all men are equal.

Kytar's character was different than what I'm used to reading. He's Dominant, but he prefers the softer side of Dominance and much prefers his partners to be willing. He doesn't enjoy causing undo pain just because it would make him happy. He causes pain because it would make his submissive happy. Two very different things in my book. He respects Marissa but he's forced to show his full Dominance to earn her respect, love and trust. That's not an easy feat when you're being tested at every turn. I kept waiting for something awful to happen and he loses his temper. Nothing. I love that in a man.

You might be wondering why I took off half a point to the book. It's nothing really against the author as she wrote a truly great book. It just bothers me ever so little to have books written about planets with nothing but DOminant males and submissive females. Planet earth is just fine. We have submissives here and don't need to have to travel outside of our galaxy to find a Dominant male. Despite what the single subs might believe.

I felt Ms Kade's writing to be spectacular. I loved her descriptives and all around care of her characters. Her understanding of the lifestyle made my day and to see how these two come together made my heart flutter in excitement. And I won't talk about my wet panties.

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Next Floor Naughty By: Ann Cory

Title: Next Floor Naughty
Author: Ann Cory
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Score: 3.5

Davion is your typical wife to be of 2007. She has an idea of how life should be and instead of communicating her needs she decides to go seek them elsewhere. What are those needs? A super male Dominant. She's invited to this BDSM party where anything goes and she has every intention of attending. She hasn't an orgasm in months and she's hoping to meet a Dominant that will show her what she's missing.

Liam is trying to give his fiance everything she needs but it's hard to do that when evertime they have sex she rushes off to the bathroom. He's confused and getting a little frustrated. That is until he accidentally finds her invitation under her pillow one day. He can't let this happen. His fiance at a BDSM party, where anything can go wrong. Even more, he's realizing his play just isn't doing it for her and that she wants more. He plans to be there to show her what kind of Dominant he really is.

This is where I give Ann Cory kudos on her story line. I liked the way she built up the tension. One being snippy with the other, couples intentionally trying to pick fights because they're avoiding topics. She set all of this up very well. But, Davion has some issues that need to be addressed, and if she knows anything about BDSM she'll know, no relationship or for that matter one night stand can survive without communicating needs.

Ann Cory has attempted to write a very fantasy driven story here. However, for me it was much to close to how real life is and had an ending that left me less than satisfied. The audacity of the heroine in the story left a bad taste in my mouth and I feel the hero was nothing more than a doormat to her whims.

I started to say poor Liam, but frankly he should have called her out on it, he shouldn't have by no means attempted to indulge this fantasy of hers with him as the giver. First off he just proved he really isn't very Domlike. What man who has any self respect would tolerate that kind of behavoir? He wants her, he loves her, he should have said something to her.

All that aside, there seems to have been no trust broken by her activities. The real problem lies in the fact that Liam didn't start out as this big burly Dom and stay that way from day one. This is a classic example of how some women can set such high standards for their men that there is no way they can achieve them. This relationship as far as I'm concerned is doomed. And it sucks. Because, I started out sorta liking this book. I've seen this kind of thing done before. Not in writing but in real life. The relationships, just don't work until one person lowers their expectations and starts communicating. And I'm sorry, but it has to happen BEFORE one person cheats on the other. Again though, this isn't the issue. Davion is bored with her current relationship, she's done. These two were completely unbelievable by the end and I'm frustrated with the both of them.

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