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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roped By: Ann Jacobs

Title: Roped
Author: Ann Jacobs
Publisher: Elloras Cave2007
ISBN: 9781419912672
Rating: 4 out of 5

Book 1 in the Heart of the West series

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Returning from the war, his body wounded, his soul hurting, Jared faces a very different life. A sexual Dominant, doubts about his ability now to satisfy any submissive plague him.

Until Ninia. The face of an angel and the body of a centerfold, she's about as unsubmissive as any woman he's known. A nurse in the Cheyenne VA hospital where Jared is sent, Ninia is tough, in control. Until Jared catches her in an unguarded moment and see a vulnerable, softer side. It fires his blood with a need to find out more.

Accepting an invitation to a local dungeon, the sexual Dominant in Jared rears back to full potency when he sees Ninia, submissively awaiting his pleasure, his dominance. Now he knows what he wants. And he's about to prove to Ninia he's man enough to take it.

This story was a welcome change to what I've been reading lately. A Dominant who has an injury. Not just any injury he's missing the whole bottom half of his leg. It would certainly put a damper on my whip weilding expertise. For that, it gave this story heart. He's not just some perfect know it all trying to fumble his way through a lifestyle he doesn't understand. He's a man who has strong convictions of what he's supposed to be able to do and has to realize he's still the same man despite his handicap.

On more levels than one I sympathize with a story like this. Believe it or not, a vast majority of skilled Dominants have handicaps. Some are almost completely incapable of fulfilling their responsiblity to their submissive any longer. And some like Jared just have to learn how to work around a handicap to get their desired results. For some, something like that could be crippling, in more ways than one. It could have gone just that way for Jared had he not had nurse Ninia by his side.

Ninia is his care taker up until he has to leave the hospital to head home. She's a strong woman, and not just any strength. A submissive doesn't have to be mouthy to show how strong they are. A true submissive possesses an inner strength that mere words can not explain. They know when now is not a good time. They know when Master needs attending. They know and understand and accept that there are times when they have to step up and take control without feeling as through their nature has been compromised. She shows this, when instead of obeying a command she stops everything and tends to his needs first. She didn't do this out of disrespect or she's the boss. She did it to save him. It's this quiet strength that sets one submissive apart from another. In taking care of him, Ninia didn't feel as though her abilities as a submissive had been compromised, if anything she felt pride in the fact that she could offer her Master what he needed most, even during a time when he refused to admit it to himself.

I feel like Ms. Jacobs drew that line very well. She showed a side of BDSM that so many are afraid to explore. This endeared me to her characters. They came alive and danced off the page. It was exciting to watch the growth of both of them. This story I hope lays the foundation for future novelists of BDSM. There is so much more to a relationship to explore than simply bending her over a table and paddling her behind. Don't get me wrong, those stories are fun too. But, seeing a more serious, real side is equally precious. Thank you Ms. Jacobs, I look forward to more stories from you.

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