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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Filly For Doug By: Reese Gabriel

Title: A Filly For Doug
Author: Reese Gabriel
Publisher: Elloras Cave 2007"
ISBN: 9781419911804
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

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This book is the sequel to Roping His Filly.

Having lost his fiancée to Jake, Doug is reluctant to trust him but agrees to a blind date he has arranged. It is lust at first sight when Doug and Helaine meet.

She secretly desires a dominant man to take control in bed and teach her the pleasures of sexual submission. They end up in some hot and heavy bondage and Doug is ready to go to the next level, but Helaine has been burned before and fears turning over too much power to any man. Doug knows she needs just the right mixture of gentleness and domination. Helaine is the perfect filly, but Doug will have to find the cowboy spirit to rope her.

After reading through this book, I have to say that I think Reese Gabriel is an excellent writer of romance. If this book had stayed vanilla she would have had me hog tied and ready for more. As it stood this was supposed to be a book about a BDSM relationship and as hard as I tried, I couldn't relate. I'll get through the good stuff before I get to the bad.

For starters, the title had me salivating. I knew it was a long shot but I had visions of Pony Girls running around a farm. Like I said, a long shot. Either way, the title was quite intriguing. I really like the characters of Jake and Jilly. They were hot, honest and naughty. The way two characters should have been. I felt that Ms Gabrielle had a pretty good handle on the two of them and they behaved exactly as I would have pictured them. And did.... many... many... times. Through these two characters I was able to see that although she might not know the difference between sub and slave, she could certainly weild a story that was both believeable and hot.

Unfortantly, this sequal of the other two I found very hard to understand. I'm sure I'd have to read book one to understand how a man with Dominant fantasies allows a subbie girl to get away in the first place. I can't judge that though, because I don't recall reading book one. Therefore, I'm going back to what I know about book two.

Helaine doesn't seem very much into being a submissive. She might be able to play the role, but something about her character just didn't ring as a true submissive. More like kinky playtime than someone who wanted to do something because the other one enjoyed it. It was just out of character and I found it hard to get into her head because I felt like she was not being herself.

Doug just didn't make any sense to me at all. His need to be a Dominant seemed to come out of nowhere. Kinky sex was never even in the picture for him. I have this image of him sitting around watching CNN and it striking him that he wants to tie up women. Again his Dominance just wasn't there. I felt like he was put into the wrong book. There was a need for another BDSM tale, when in truth Jake and Jilly would have held onto that just fine, leaving him open to explore his more romantic vanilla side. Had that been the case, these two would have been a dynamite couple. It would have even been nice to see that in the BDSM world, lifestylers, do in fact hang out with vanilla couples.

I don't want to write a long review that isn't a good one. Unfortunatly the only wonderful part I found in this book was the continuing relationship between Jake and Jilly. Doug and Helane might have enjoyed playing roles, but neither of them are remotly serious about exploring a Dominant and submissive relationship.

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