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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tied and Tempting By: Maggie Casper

Title: Tied and Tempting
Author: Maggie Casper
Publisher: Elloras Cave 2007
ISBN: 9781419913297
Rating: 3 out of 5

Nash Jameson wasn't at all sure Mira Collins would show up and if she did, would it lead anywhere? Dominant by nature, he'd been attracted to Mira's submissiveness since the day they'd met. Would she follow him down a road of desire that could very possibly lead her into a lifestyle most only fantasize about?

Going to a costume party at a local BDSM club in order to seduce the man of her dreams might not be the norm but it was exactly what she had planned. Being tied and spanked however, was not in her plans and yet felt like icing on the cake of a night overwhelmed by new sexual experiences and an awareness of herself unlike any Mira had ever known.

There's a lot to be said for reading short BDSM pieces. For one you can get to the heart of the matter without chapter upon chapter of backstory. On the other hand you can really miss seeing the budding of a new relationship right from the start. It's sorta how I feel about this story. On the one hand I enjoy Boss/subordinate stories. Their hot and a bit naughty. In this case it made it easy not to have to go through long chapters of how it all began. On the other this story seems based on alot of trust. And that trust seems to be spent alot in the bedroom. I'm just not one to believe trust can be built in the bedroom. Not with BDSM anyway.

I enjoyed that Mira wasn't all wet and needy at the sight of the whipping. I loved and still believe the best scene in the whole book was the masterbation scene. Mira has a need that she doesn't really understand, but doesn't mind exploring. I think alot of women can fit into that catagory. She also had a moment where she was completely humiliated and wanted to leave. She'd humiliated herself. Shown her true colors. For that, she needed to get away find a way to hide herself.

Thankfully though, Nash wouldn't allow such drama to affect that only possible night he would get with Mira. He's sexy, demanding, but not a domineering ass like some can come across. He's sure about what he wants and even though he's scared to death of getting it, he isn't one to let a good thing pass. The scenes we see that transpire between him and Mira were on target. They followed protocol, but, it was a bit difficult for me to truly see what was going on. I felt the author spent a good bit of time visualizing and not enough time finding a way to sum it up. In the world of BDSM writing, I'm a firm believer that less is more. The scenes would have been explosive had she followed that rule of thumb.

I liked Nash as a dominant. I felt his heart was truly into it and that Mira was at least at first along for the ride. She soon had a change of heart and whole heartedlly threw herself into her position. It's up in the air if I see the relationship still moving forward or not. It's hard to tell when I feel like we'd just scratched the surface. At the end I truly felt like it was more of a one night stand than forever. But, who knows, maybe that's how all new relationships start.

Either way, I'll say that all in all I enjoyed reading this story. I read it one sitting and didn't put it down even once. She's an author that I'd like to see more from. I feel she has the basic concepts of this lifestyle down and with a little more writing she could have much to offer the BDSM genre.

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