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Monday, October 29, 2007

Discovery by Rob Graham

Title: Discovery - A Phaze Heat Sheet
By: Rob Graham
Published by:
ISBN: 1-59426-904-1
Genre: BDSM Erotica
Reviewed by: Canice Brown-Porter

Rated: 3.5 out of 5

John struggles throughout his adult life to keep his dominating personality from surfacing. The idea that he could be even remotely like the people who raised him prevented him from letting his guard down. Until his lesbian, dominant friend Marie convinces him that under the right circumstances, his dominating personality may possibly be a plus. She levels a friendly dare in the form of a test of his dominant nature, and although John maintains a non-competitive attitude, he agrees to the test. Marie invites him to a party and tells him she's invited a special guest - a submissive - that he will have to find on his own.

Ariel has experience in the D/s lifestyle. Once the submissive of a Master who abandoned her with no warning. He didn't even release her and remove his collar. She had failed to please him, and in turn been punished by him on a regular basis whenever he chose to show up. But then he finally just disappeared one day and never returned.

Can John handle the responsibilities of a dominant when he has spent his life refusing to acknowledge all traits of a dominant personality?

Being a lifestyler with almost ten consecutive years of experience as a submissive, I had to put this story down and come back to it several times before I could finish it. In the end, I had to view it on the basics of fiction, and fiction alone.

Mr. Graham has a wonderful grasp on storytelling. The characters are well defined. Descriptions and dialogue are proportioned appropriately. I enjoyed the settings and the premise the story is based on, but found it hard to believe that any female - inside or outside the lifestyle - would actually take a stranger, whom she has known for not more than 30 minutes, to her apartment. Much less allow this man to tie her up rendering her totally defenseless and vulnerable. Granted a mutual friend setup the meeting (blind date), but still...

As for the kinky sex -- and, yes, there is plenty of that -- it's all believeably erotic. The scene is well described and enjoyable. Slow down, Mr. Graham, and you'll do very well in the industry. Your skills as a writer are evident. As with any story of fiction, it should be entertaining. Discovery by Rob Graham meets and fulfills that goal.


Reviewer's Note: For accurate research on the D/s lifestyle, I suggest The Safe, Sane, and Consensual creed is in place for a reason if a writer wishes to attract a loyal readership of those in the lifestyle.

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