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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Mistress and the Mouse By: JJ Giles

Title: The Mistress and the Mouse
Author: JJ Giles
Publisher: loveyoudivine

Score: 4 out of 5

Morgan McFaye, Sex Therapist by day, Dominatrix by night, is in disarray. Her lover and submissive of ten years, Brian Alexander, has left her life. Morgan couldn’t know that her newest client, Jerry Abernathy, grandson of an assassinated president, is her lover’s father.

When she believes she has a corporate raider, rapist and murderer on her client list, she finds she has a sexual abuse victim and world-class disciplinarian on her client list. Jerry’s investigation into Morgan’s past reveals she is yet to be prosecuted for murder.

But Brian finds that Jerry has fallen in love with Morgan. He also realizes he can’t live without her. The crises culminates with a lavish American wedding. Only the identity of the groom is in question.

Before I begin my discussion of the book I have to come clean. The above blurb is not one I wrote, but the one I found on the website. JJ did a much more beautiful job of summing up the novel than I ever would have. Now onto my review.

JJ Giles dishes out another twisted tale of love, betrayal, sacrifice and misunderstandings. As always her story lines are intriguing, captivating and keep me guessing right up until the end. She has plot twists and turns with each new chapter that drags you deeper into the lives of her characters. I don't ever remember being more involved in a hero or heroine's life before. By the end you know every character in the book better than you know your own family memebers.

Bryan Alexander (Abnernathy) already has his own set of problems. His mother is beaten regularily by his father, or at least he assumes that's the problem. His girlfriend won't marry him, his father really isn't his father. He's the nice guy that feels the need to keep everybody happy despite his own lack of happiness. To bring that about, he leaves his girl friend and goes to stay with his mother, whom he finds out recently suffered a broken arm at the hand of his father. He forces Jerry to begin seein a sex therapist, that happens to be Morgan, his girlfriend.

Morgan McFae, is a sex therapist with her own set of issues. Her own childhood and events that led up to her adulthood have kept her from marrying the man she loves with all her heart. The one she calls Mouse. She hates everything about the rich and famous and refuses to date a man who is rich. Yeah, she has money, lots of it, but she worked her ass off to get every dime she has today. When Bryan proposes one last time and she turns it down, she isn't prepared for him to leave her, set a wedding date and demand she either show up or he'll marry someone else. This now prompts her to have nothing to with Bryan and she takes on his father as a client. She has no idea that Jerry is Bryan's son. She becomes more and more attached to Jerry while trying to cure his problem of beating his wife. She also decides to take on Jerry's wife as a client. Training her to be submissive to her husband. Is she in for a load of surprises as the novel progresses and Jerry becomes more comfortable. She still doesn't know how she is going to live without her beloved Mouse. Even her house slave girl doesn't seem to have the answer to this delimma.

Jerry Abernathy. Rich, powerful, Dominant. Is finally brought to his knees by one woman. Morgan. Thanks to his son, he finally feels as though he might have a chance in hell of being saved. No, he doesn't beat his wife, now, athough there were circumstances in the past that lead him to abuse her. Like her throwing her baby. Now he deals with his wife being a prostitute and to protect the Abernathy name he allows his family and friends to believe he beats his wife. His son hadn't really talked to him in ten years, even if it isn't his real son, he still loves his children deeply and wants them to be apart of their lives. He balked at Bryan's demand at first. But, after being at Morgan's knees a few times, he sees how the otherside feels. He'll never be submissive, but he would do anything for Morgan. Just as he finally decides to divorce his wife and let the chips fall where they may, he thinks he's falling in love with Morgan. What he doesn't know is that Bryan and Morgan were at one time a couple. Slowly, but surely Jerry's life starts to come together.

There were several more characters in this book, but I'd rather focus on the main three. It would take me several pages to discuss even the first half of the book. The dynamics of the relationships, the twisted soap opera, there just aren't enough words on BDSM Reviews to describe it all. JJ actually made me cry and that's a tough thing to do. I can't wait to read the rest of this book. As there are going to be several volumes available for ebook. The only reason JJ ever gets a point taken off is not her tale, but the fact that I wish she would up her descriptives in her writing. Make every word count towards the overall picture. Otherwise, she's an amazing writer. I've never known anyone with such a twisted mind before, and I love it.

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Taming Delany By: Reese Gabriel

Title: Taming Delany
Author: Reese Gabriel
Publisher: Elloras Cave
ISBN: 9781419909634

Score: 4.5

Rayf has to have Delany back. He just can't see himself living without her any longer. Although their courtship and marriage was breif, he knows they are meant to be together. Now Delany is marrying Rayf's best friend Max and as much as he's tried to keep himself away from the situation he just knows Max isn't the man for Delany.

Delany did the best she could to tame Rayf, but, Rayf's idea of jobs included construction and wrestling alligators for sport. Which infuriated Delany who wanted more out of a relationship than hot sex. She needs a man she can rely on emotionally. She needs a man to contribute to their financial secruity. Rayf would spend his last dime on a homeless man. Despite the fact that she has no real attraction to Max, he's still better than the alternative.

Before I begin any other part of this review, I’d like to say that the sex scenes between these two are phenomenal. It isn’t every day that I’m wiping sweat off my brow while reading a story. In this the author lived up to her characters personalities. They clash on everything else but the bedroom.

Rayf is the type of guy that truly wants to give his woman everything. There are just some things he isn’t capable of doing. That is holding down a nine to five job dressed in a suit everyday. Neither do I feel that every person should be required to do those things. You can have financial security without sitting at a computer everyday. I liked Rayf’s character. I thought he was honest and forthright about things. He has a big heart and is always eager to please. However, I did feel this story should have been title Taming Rayf. There is so much expected out of him to turn him into the ideal man that Delany ends up not being tamed at all.

Delany on the other hand is your typical suburban wife. She wants everything and is even willing for a while to believe she can be tied down to Master Boring for the rest of her life. Thanks to Rayf though, she has a second chance at finding love with the man she should have been with. I think if we had delved a little deeper into Delany we’d find she just thinks she wants to have her pockets overflowing with cash. Her nails done every week and have her hair highlighted while she munches scones and drinks tea. Yet, deep down she’s begging for that guy who can just chill out, relax and not think so much. Who knows maybe that was part of the story and I missed it. Either way Rayf and her are yin and yang. Eventually, the two of them would find a way to play it out and make it work. What she does love about Rayf is his ability to utterly control her inside the bedroom. She loves the Master/slave position she’s put into. She loves begging to come, bondage, anal sex and going all night long.

And that’s what Rayf sets out to find out. Can they just have one night together and walk away like nothing happened. What a night it turns out to be. He pulls out all the stops, he leaves nothing untouched, including Delany’s heart. Just the way he expected it.

What bothered me about this book, but I was only able to take out off half a point, is the way the book ended. I can’t tell you the ending, but I can say that, the author has built up one drama incident after another. Delany is a basket case on how to confront Max and Rayf’s run away to go figure all this out for himself. Then when it comes time to wrap it all up, I felt it just wrapped up too neatly. All this drama and then no drama. It just didn’t seem to match the pace of the book. That was a let down for me. The rest of the book was written so well I couldn’t let it spoil one small section of the book. I loved her attention to detail. The way she could draw out every moment and make it worth your while to read about these two. I particularly enjoyed how their exchanges with one another were so real. Their both hot and bothered and do nothing to try to hide it when they’re away from each other.

Watching Max and Delany’s exchange helped me to understand how Delany finds Max so boring. Max just flat out doesn’t try things that are new. He likes to stick with the same ol’ everyday. And for him that works, just not for Delany.

As a whole I truly did enjoy reading this story and I hope to read more by this author soon. She knows how to build characters and keep the reader turning the page, anticipating more and actually getting it.

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Dalton's Temptation By: Kelli A. Wilkins

Title: Dalton's Temptaion
Author: Kelli A. Wilkins
Amber Quill Press, LLC

ISBN: 978-1-60272-019-0

Score: 5

Where do I start about this book. For starters this is part two of a series. Yet, it stands alone. At least that was what Ms Wilkins told me and she was right. I didn't feel as though I missed something from book one or that I felt left out of a secret joke. However, her writing style and characters makes me want to read book one.

There's quite a bit going on in this book, so I'm going to try to keep my descriptive short.

Dalton is required to follow his brother in law Allan to Emperor Salizar's castle. Because, Allan, has no sense of decorum and ends up screwing up deals to no end. So Dalton, is required to gothere to babysit. He has one small problem. Elara. His wife. She has a mean temper that only through careful Domination of her has he been able to keep under some semblance of control. She's a very jealous sort, and would never allow him to go on his own. So to keep the piece he's decided not to tell her.

As if that was going to stop his lovely new bride from joining him. She finds a way into his caravan anyway and only after she knocks over the caravan does he find out she's there. He decides she's headed back the next morning. A very funny incident happens while on the road back home, that leaves her back to the caravan again. This time, her husband isn't to know that she's there. Neither does her husband know, thanks to Allan, that he's headed into a castle full of female slaves awaiting to service the male guests there any way they so choose. What's a girl to do if she wants to spy on her husband and keep him from breaking his vows? Become a slave girl of course.

Once at the castle Elara is disgusted at her disguise. She's practically wearing nothing at all. Her brother does his best to help her and explain the rules. No speaking unless spoken to and do everything your told. Two things Elara has no idea about. She also has to come up with a name that is both exotic and not hers. Oonish. That's the name she chooses. With paint on her face and a veil covering everything but her eyes she begins to wait on her husband.

To both of their surprise a woman shows up, Danshuri. She's there to service Dalton. Something Elara had not expected. Competition. Allan, who's the brother who gets into more trouble than Elara, requires both girls to put on a show to decide who stays. After Danshuri's show, Oonish feels certain she'll be kicked from the room. But, to her surprise Dalton doesn't want a temptaion and Oonish is the least tempting of the two. Insulted and elated at the same time, Oonish stays.

Oonish does her best to initate sex with Dalton, but he won't budge, no matter that she blatantly grabs his cock in the tub. Instead, she's instructed to leave to her own quarters. Oonish knows though that she's turned him on, despite the fact that he doesn't want to be. She's now more worried than ever and even more glad that she chose to disobey his orders. And despite the fact that she was chosen because she wasn't tempting, she learns that her dear husband is still very excited by her body.

The antics of Oonish continue throughout the book. The men are given drinks laced with some sort of potion to lower their inhibitions and while Allan can't get enough of it, Dalton hates the loss of control. Danshuri is also doing her best to entice Dalton to cheat on his wife. She displays herself on his lap, dances for him, yet he doesn't give in.

Finally, though, Dalton has had enough of Oonish and her inability to listen to his demands of leaving him alone. He swats her on the ass so hard, after she dances on his lap enough to make him want to come, and kicks her out of his room for good. Oonish, reverting back to Elara goes crying to her brother of the incident that just happened and Allan goes to talk to Dalton. Here the book turns interesting. And I won't delve anymore into this. The pace picks up quickly and it seems as though there will be a fight to the death. Elara also has a surprise for us that she's not even aware of, but Dalton is. Elara will hopefully learn how to be a better submissive by the end of the book. But, for now, I'd call her a bratty submissive.

As a general rule I don't like brats. That said, I'm certain I'm at the top of the bratty scale. However, Ms Wilinks, explains it in a way that I enjoyed. Elara believes the stunts she pulls are helpful to all those involved. She isn't trying to be a brat, she's just trying to help, or to oversee.... Which makes her a brat. Her lack of trust in her current situation, being married to a man everyone believes is after her money, makes her come across more bratty. Those issues have to be dealt with and I believe they are. If there is a third story to this book, I hope to see a more submissive Elara.

For the time being, Elara made me laugh and even teary eyed in a few places. Dalton expects her to listen, but when she doesn't he can usually win her over pretty well with words of seduction and firm hand to her backside. He spanks her in this book and truly shows her he isn't in the mood to deal with her insubordination. To make iti better, the author doesn't turn into to some sexual game. Punishment is just that, punishment. I can't wait to get a copy of the first book to find out how it all began. Ms Wilkins has wet my appetite for more.

I will say, that Kelli, rode a fine line between historical and making this come off as a contemporary piece. Just as I was about to tsk tsk tsk, she snaps me back to the time period. Very well done.

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Southern Submissives: Katie By: Dominique Adair

Title: Southern Submissives: Katie
Author: Dominique Adair
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0916-0

Score: 4.5

I enjoyed reading the romance of Katie. She's the strong quiet type. Always doing what is expected of her and giving as much of herself as she can while she does it. She ended up at Utopia after taking care of her sick mother for so many years. Now that her mother is in a peaceful home where she can have round the clock care she wants time out for herself. Her best friend and business partner Holly knows exactly what she needs. A long weekend at an exclusive island having all her sexual needs attended to. And what has she been needing? To be dominated.

Rick isn't expecting an instant hard on when he's fixing the printer to get registrations underway. Especially, since that hard on is directed to the most covered figure in the room. He knows that Holly, his cousin sent her and he know he has to have her. When she does leave he pulls up her file to learn more about her. She's interested in bondage and discipline and he can't stop himself from being the one to give her the weekend she'll remember for the rest of her life. And as it turns out, his life.

Ms. Adair really weaved a tale here for me. I'm not usually into the fantasy weekend aspect, but she really made it more than just racus sex and bratty subs who are out to prove THEY are stronger than the Dominant. Despite Katie's nervousness, she was ready for this. That alone is endearing to my heart. When you're ready you just know it and Katie couldn't have been wanting this more. She proved that when a stranger walks up to her while she's masterbating, takes her as his own and punishes her for pleasing herself. But, he isn't the man who would claim her for the weekend. Still she's ok with that. When the man finally does show up, she has no idea what he looks like but she knows she loves his voice and commanding nature. He isn't just bossy, he can get what he wants by simply requesting it.

Which made this Dominant hot in my book. There's a little something there for everyone with him. He's kind and stern. He's rough yet gentle. He pushes her limits and makes her beg for what she wants. While at the same time he explains things to her that she doesn't understand. That includes explaining her exboyfriend who said it was all about him and that's how Doms are supposed to be. I was mad for the poor girl. Rick has one tiny problem though. He can't leave the island until he turns 40. And he's almost 39, which as I understand, isn't 40. He owns the place, his brother and him have worked hard to achieve their dreams and the cut off for vacations is 40.
He's fallen for Katie who's known as Katherine for the weekend. She's everything he needs and he knows he's everything she needs. At the end of the weekend neither of them want to part. Yet, the way she's tossed aside after their weekend and the fact Katie finds out he owns the island is all the incentive she needs to return to her life in New Orleans.

Although this book was pure fantasy, Dominique made the characters very real to me as a reader. I enjoyed the fact that Rick was not your idea of a Dominant upon first meeting him. He saves it for the one he wants and he wants Katie. Katie starts out with submissive tendencies. This in my book scored high. The mouthy, independent submissive isn't here. Katie is in control of her own life because she has to be. Which tells me if she had to be again she could. She's strong, but she's searching for that one that she can depend on and submit herself to. Her character almost had me in tears for that reason.

Although the sex scenes were a bit much with the repeition of words that I'm not a big fan of (such as was.... it really distracts me from a story.), the sex between them is explosive and real. Not every position is comfortable that he asks her to go into. She isn't too thrilled about the foot play at first, but quickly adapts when she realizes how enjoyable it is. Which reminds me, if you're looking for a full on food play scene, you know, covered head to toe, this is the book for you. I was so hungry after reading it I had to go buy cupcakes.

I really enjoyed the ending. I think you will too. Although, this is erotica. It's very romantic from start to finish. I finished reading it on a sigh. Maybe I'll see these two again in the future.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Master's Prize By: Maggie Nash

Title: The Master's Prize
Author: Maggie Nash
Publisher: Triskelion Publishing
ISBN: 1-60186-166-4

Score: 3.5

I enjoyed Maggie Nash's voice in The Master's Prize. Her descriptives were well written and her characters on a whole fascinated me. Her writing style is somewhere between conversational and dark erotica. I enjoyed that, it gave a mix up to the usual, either conversational/light or dark.

Mitchell and Elise first met at a Fetish Club one night. Elise showed up for a special training class for newbies as an observer. I liked the idea that Mitchell Collins had taken such an interest in Elise upon their first meeting that he even shows up at her radio studio to pay 5k to kiss her. It was a cute story line, despite the many overdone story lines out there. Elise of course is having none of that. This man has been stalking her for a month. Leaving messages at work, telling of his interest. To her he's hot and creepy. His explanation is, when he wants something he goes after it.

When he does kiss her on live radio sparks fly instantly. Now he wants to have dinner with her for another 10k. She's embarressed and hates her reaction to this man so she takes off out of the room. Mitchell isn't about to lose track of her again and races after her. After some heated word exchanges she agrees. No obligation, just dinner.

At the last minute, Mitchell changes his mind and has her brought to his place, where he's grilling dinner. They never actually eat dinner, she wants him and wants him now. That is after she learns that she didn't even have to be there. He donated the money anyway, making it a no obligation on her part. (Of which was news to her after she arrived at his place.)

Before they can begin any real sexual acts she has to past a test with him. She's not allowed to cum without permission and she can't make a single noise while he blind folds her, ties her down and tortures her with a dildo that has a remote to it. She passes the test. She's ready to explode by the time his friend gets there and they play with her a bit.

Mitchell can't believe he didn't knock his best friend's teeth out when he sucked on Elise's nipple. He leaves the room to go talk to his friend and give Elise some time to enjoy her restraints. He realizes that he really likes Elise and doesn't want to share her with anyone, no matter how many times he's shared her in the past.

The relationship goes on like this for a few chapters. He's traning her because that's what he does. Train submissives. She's a bit mouthy, but for the most part she enjoys their play. Elise is finally settled enough that she wants to start explorig other options. So she wants to play in public, under his watchful eye of course. Mitchell instantly disagrees and she instantly begins to argue with him. Finally, frustrated, he gives into her demands and lets a known sadist Domme have her way with Elise for as long as he can take it. He's not really into pain, mostly sensation play, so it doesn't last very long. After getting her down from the cross and dashing for the door with her, he asks her later why she didn't use her safeword. Her response? Because she wasn't going to let the other woman win.

Mitchel realizes he has a bratty bottom on his hands. He'll never fully break her and he really doesn't want to. I can't give away anything else of the book because I don't want to tell the entire story here. All in all, I really did enjoy the set up of this book. The characters, how they ended up together. The f/f scene in the book was hot and the sex between Mitchell and Elise is hot. Mitchell isn't afraid to get up and make her a sandwich or get her a beverage if she needs it. He'll even cook a meal. I liked the fact that he wasn't your typically written about Dominant that just sits around, gets fat and demands service. That was a plus.

There was however an incident in the book that really ended up leaving me frustrated. It's the idea of respect and where that line is drawn and for me a bratty bottom might be a little obnoxious at times but blatant disrespect is another thing all together.
Play parties are thrown not just for fun and games but a way to show off. The Doms get to parade their well behaved subs around and the subs get to show off how great their Doms are. She showed everyone where she thinks he stands by arguing with him in public. Others notice and make comments. That's how she ended up getting what she wanted. A chance to play with another Dominant in public. Granted it went horribly and she "learned her lesson", but, personally, if this had been my sub and all this time I'd tolerated her mouth and stubborn nature, I feel like would be owed a little respect while in public. And if I didn't get it, she sure as hell wouldn't be sticking around there. Stepping off my soap box now.

The prose itself was good. I liked the characters all in all. If I take this story on a purly fantasy scenario it's doable for me. The rest of the book before and after excited me. I liked these two. I think Ms. Nash's writing will grow as she writes, she shows exceptional skill for the first book I've read of hers. I do plan to buy more books written by her, I just hope she learns the different between cute bratty and blatant disrespect.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wicked Ties By: Shayla Black

Title: Wicked Ties
Author: Shayla Black
Publisher: The Burkley Publishing Group
Date: January 2007
ISBN: 13:978-0-425-21631-2

Rating 5 out of 5

I just finished reading Wicked Ties and I'm scrambling to find a professional way to do this review. I don't have one. So I'm writing her a letter instead. You would probably wonder why I'm writing her a letter. An author that can touch you so personally deserved to be spoken to so personally.

Dear Ms. Black,

I just finished reading your book. My toes are finally starting to uncurl, I'm catching my breath and if I'm lucky I might get to sleep tonight. There is one tiny problem though. My husband is divorcing me. Which is fine because you are going to find Mr. Jack Cole and bring him to your home where I will be living from here on out. My husband says that he has to work and can no longer wake at three a.m for quickies. Neither can he stand that I rest the book on his chest while I have sex and read at the same time. Odd it never bothered me when he did the same thing. He also dislikes me screaming "JACK" in bed and that I bring my toy box down stairs while he's trying to watch hockey play offs.

So if you would please set up your guest bedroom I am packing my bags tonight and will be there in the morning.

Feel free to bring Deke along, as menage has never been my thing but I have a feeling these two would make it mind blowing.

I don't know where you found Jack and Morgan but these two had to be the hottest thing ever written about. Their characters were so real, so alive I could have touched them. I've never had screams like that bounce around in my head just from staring at a page. Your descriptions have left me breathless. I had to stop reading this book sitting up because it made me dizzy.

Your newest, dearest, most submissive friend,

Miranda Heart

P.S I made it creepy on purpose. :)

Morgan embodies every sexual submissive into one tight little body. She's eager to please once he finds the right button, unleashes her fear and strips her of her sanity. She's lost in him and he in her. Yet she refuses to tell him her deepest fears about herself. This bugs him he tries to go much deeper. It's hard to resist Jack when he's everything she's ever wanted wrapped up in a muscular package built for sex. He's dominanting refuses to take no for an answer and seems to know her better than she knows herself. What could be more frustrating.

Jack on the other hand is blown away by his reaction to her. His vivid dreams about a red head are nothing more than what happens to every man in his family, who finally meets their soul mate. But, it can't be Morgan. He's using Morgan to get back at Brandon. He even saves the video tape of their first sexual encounter and emails it to his ex bestfriend, Brandon. Why? Because Brandon did the same thing to him with his wife. Morgan is only his fiance so it can't be nearly as bad as all that. He can't seem to stop himself from tying her down and ravishing her body. He wants to know everything about her, learn her inside and out. It doesn't help that his grandfather brought over a bag of seductive clothing for her to wear and only wear, since they had to run from Louisiana to his swamp cabin with nothing more that stripper clothes on her back. But, Grandpere knows Morgan is Jack's soul mate and won't let it go. What more is a man to do than fall for the woman of his dreams?

THere's some twists to this story. Morgan is staying with Brandon, her half brother, because she has a stalker. Not just a cute stalker that takes pics and jerks off on your bed. No this guy is out for blood. Her blood, Jack's blood, Brandon's... it doesn't matter. Morgan is his and he'll shoot anyone in his path. And he tries and fails. Jack is a body guard and he has every intention of keeping her safe. Safe beneath him, on top of him, tied down to a table for him. Hey, she's safe, who's complaining. By the end of their few days together they're both wondering if they can go back to their regularily scheduled lives. But not before more twists in the book. The stalker still has to be caught. Morgan still has to come to terms with a side of herself she won't let anyone see. And Jack has to give up his vendictive streak.

Great job Shayla. This book was amazing from start to finish.

There are several twists and turns to this story to keep any reader on edge turning the page for more. Ms Black's ability to build characters, plot and heat are unbelievable. I'll be buying her next book post haste.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taboo: Taking Instruction by Cheyenne McCray

Reviewed by Elise Logan
Title: Taboo: Taking Instruction
Author: Cheyenne McCray
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419909825
Genre: BDSM erotic fiction
Publication Date: 2007
Rating: 3 of 5

Cheyenne McCray takes us on a journey through one of the most popular fantasies in role playing – the dominating professor and the submissive student. Jessica is at the end of her freshman year when she decides to seize the opportunity to live out the fantasies she has been having about her English professor, Craig Bennett. For his part, Craig has been watching Jessica all semester, pushing back his lust because of their student/teacher relationship. Jessica breaks through that barrier by presenting herself, naked on his desk, as an end of term gift.
One of the things that works well in this story is the play on the fantasy roles – Craig and Jessica emphasize the taboo they are breaking by having Jessica address him as Professor and by playing up other aspects of the fantasy. The fantasy nature of this piece allows it to delve into relatively extreme territory very quickly – moving the novice Jessica immediately into activities that would take much longer to reach in reality. The license taken in this regard leads to some extremely sexy scenes, particularly involving heavier bondage and sensation play (stockades, extended suspension, and nearly completely unprepared anal sex, for example).
On the other hand, there are some fairly major realism problems which crop up. Some of these have nothing to do with the BDSM elements (including a strange opening scene in which the students are evidently writing term papers in the actual class), while others are very definitely BDSM related (including a scene in which a ball gag is described as completely silencing the sub – not muffling the sound, but completely silencing her even in her own head). These small but glaring difficulties make it difficult to connect to the scenes, thereby dropping the overall level of the story.
If you are looking for an intense, hot fantasy piece, this is a good choice. The lack of realism drags it down a bit, but the intensity of the scenes helps make up for it.

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