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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Love My Way By: Bridget Midway

Title: Love My Way
Author: Bridget Midway
Publisher: Loose ID 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59632-427-5

Score 5 out of 5

(This blurb was done by Loose-ID or it's author. BDSM Reviews did NOT write this blurb.)
BDSM Dominant, Eagan Morton, is in search
of a new submissive via a reality TV show.
Bent on revenge, Ananda Zelder participates
and wins his interest. Will love dominate or
will they submit to outside pressures?

Ok these have go to be the two hottest people in the world. Seriously, when I found out this was "The Bachelor" with a dirty twist I almost closed the file and moved on. I can't stand reality shows. But, I persevered because this author has waited a long time for this review and hasn't bitched once. Which gave me an idea of how much patience her Dom would have.

Oh and boy does he. Bridget had my knees turned to jello on more than one occasion. At first I felt Eagon should have kicked Ananda off the show. After all she didn't' do a damn thing she was supposed to. But, even me who believe everyone should be perfect had to see through this. Submissives should show growth and a desire to learn. Despite the fact that Ananada just couldn't stay put in her room at night she showed a strength the other guests did not have. Eagon needed someone to test him. A sub always willing to do what she's told without ever being questioned, a submissive who has no room for growth is just a bore. Bridget delivered all that and more with this book. The very first encounter with the kitchen had me melting in my bed sheets. But, it was the way that Eagon handled himself throughout this tale that had me falling in love with him.Patience is a virtue but being human is what eventually connects us. He showed more than once that he can make mistakes, he can learn from his mistakes and he can become a stronger man for it.

Bridget Midway also exhibits a sense of humor that had me laughing on several occasions. She has a voice that no other writer could possibly copy. Between the laughing, the crying, the frustration and of course the sexual tension she gave it her all in this book and I can't wait to read something else from her. She's quickly become one of my most favorite authors. Thank you Bridget, I hope you allow BDSM Reviews to enjoy another of your books.

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