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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Season's Spankings By: Evangeline Anderson

Title – Season’s Spankings
Author – Evangeline Anderson
Publisher – Ellora’s Cave
ISBN # 1-4199-0867-7
Reviewed By: Lanna Morris
Rating – 2.5 out of 5

Despite the intriguing title, this is not really a spanking story. Season’s Spankings is a tried and true formula story – Dominant boss and ‘not yet aware of submissive nature’ sexy, female colleague. It’s an old theme but always good for a bit of light, escapist reading. Ms Anderson has written a sizzling erotic romance with a spanking utilised as foreplay. She has done it very well with an astute eye to mainstream romantica-reader requirements, and a somewhat tongue-in-cheek approach to the naming of her main characters.

Lucky Starr is a smart girl working as an accountant. She’s efficient, productive and has an itch that needs scratching. Specifically by her boss, Eric Payne. Lucky (short for Lucinda) is a supremely confident little minx with a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude’ towards the lover du jour. She knows her strengths, is aware of her impact as an incredibly sexy woman, and has not the smallest intention of ever being locked into a relationship. She gets bored very quickly, has no illusions as to the long term nature of her conquests, and plans on flushing Eric out of her life by New Year. She also has a cat that … nah, you’ll have to read the story. (Note to author – discipline the bloody cat next time!)

So, Lucky is on a mission. She’s after her very own special Christmas present – Eric’s cock. Eric, however, has not taken any notice of her (so Lucky thinks), despite a really good work effort. (Hmm. Not surprising, really. When was the last time you got horny over a list of Accounts Receivable?) Lucky changes her strategy and decides to make some deliberate mistakes on a major client’s account, which certainly gets Eric’s attention. (Good move, girl! Nothing stirs an accountant’s blood like an accounting error!)

This is a lovely, fluffy, predictable little read. It has a rather hot’n’nasty fantasy scene in the early part of the book, which whets one’s appetite for the spanking promised by the title. It has all the required elements of a spanking novella, being (not necessarily in order of importance) brat, Dominant alpha male, brat being unaware of her true submissive nature, denial when confronted with her true nature and an unsubtle use of blackmail from the alpha despite the aforementioned brat’s howls of protest. Oh, and the hero has a big vital statistic. There is a twist to the story, and it’s an interesting one, which I’d have loved to have seen developed a little further.

Season’s Spankings is a pleasant way to fill in an hour. Erotic romance readers will love this book, vanilla ladies with a penchant for exploring their inner submissive will enjoy it and spankos will feel a bit let down. But give it to someone you’d like to spank and see if you get a nibble. It may just do the trick.

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