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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sequestered Passion by Adrianna Dane

Reviewed by: Elise Logan
Title: Sequestered Passion
Author: Adrianna Dane
Publisher: Amber Quill
ISBN: 1-59279-514-5
Genre: BDSM erotic fiction, e-book
Publication Date: 2006
Rating: 4 out of 5

Eliza is in a difficult position. She revels in her relationship with Joseph, a Dom, but she must behave circumspectly in her position as a judge. This sets up a tense situation in which Eliza lets go with Joseph, but only within the confines of the bedroom. Outside of the bedroom, they have no relationship.

The main theme in this book – the dichotomy between public and private lives – is a compelling one. Ms. Dane does an excellent job pointing up the tension and self-doubt that living such a double life creates. The characters are interesting, and the situation is engaging. It is lovely to see a full characterization of the lifestyle in a “respectable” professional field. I particularly liked seeing Joseph’s point of view, though I certainly would have enjoyed more from him. Also, the scenes are hot, particularly one at the beginning with a flogger and one near the end involving strawberries.

Aside from some significant repetitive elements, this story had one real bump for me – and I am dancing around it a bit because I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone. The bump comes near the end, when the author introduces an external element that forces a confrontation. I felt that element was a bit too easy. Without that external stimulus, the characters would have been forced into their confrontation on their own, which I think would have been more interesting. Additionally, the particular situation is dealt with in an almost dismissive fashion at odds with the severity of the situation.

This book is a very good read, touching on a theme that will hit home with many readers. Though there are some small problems, this story is engaging and provoking. This is an interesting story that is definitely worth a read.

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