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Monday, September 04, 2006

Review of Carrie's Story by Eden Bradley

Title: Carrie's Story
Author: Molly Weatherfield
Publisher: Cleis Press, 1995
ISBN: Not Available
genre: BDSM erotic fiction
rating: 4 out of 5
Reviewed by Eden Bradley

This novel by Molly Weatherfield is, in my opinion, a modern-day classic. While the material is fairly extreme, and much of the practices are not necessarily to my taste, it's beautifully written in what I thought to be a lush literary style.
Carrie lives within the slave mentality, in which she goes from her lover, Jonathan, to several very formal training environments, including a slave auction and pony training. This author doesn't hold back, so be prepared for graphic details.
While this sort of extreme slave lifestyle is not my cup of tea, I did love the way the author explores the psychology behind it-always the most fascinating part of fetish literature for me. A gorgeous use of language and the intimacy of first person point of view drew me into the story. Even though Carrie and I are very different people, I was able to sympathize with her struggles, and eventually, with her yielding. All in all, a starkly beautiful and gritty book that I enjoyed thoroughly.
Available though Cleis Press.

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