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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Insubordinate By: Miranda Heart

I had a review done on my novel by a fellow writer and because it applies to this genre, I'm posting it here. Hope you all find it as nice and sweet as I. Happy Writing and Reading all!

Reviewed by Michelle Ellis
Title: The Insubordinate
Author: Miranda Heart
Publisher: Freya's Bower
Genre: BDSM Erotica
ISBN: 0-9771314-2-4
Rating: Sizzling
Book Length: Bites
Price: $2.00

Author has my permission to use this review.

I offered to review this book for Miranda. As it includes bdsm, she was finding it difficult to get reviews on it.

I haven’t been exposed to this kind of thing before, so started this story with an open mind, and told myself if it became too much for me to read, I would stop.

However, I completed the story and find it a huge shame that people may shy away from this type of book. Though the whole Master and Sub theme is alien to me, and I would find it a strange practise (for me personally) to play these games, this book did show me another world.

Of course I have heard about such goings on in the bedroom, but I know I am naïve in this kind of thing, as I recall, when doing a search for pictures for the cover of this book, me and Mr Coverman looked at one another several times in a state of shock!

Though the 'games' are alien to me, this story was written very tastefully, in my opinion. It could have gone the other way. There was plenty of scope here to be pretty damn gross but Miranda handled this subject extremely well, I feel. Especially for a ‘newbie’ like me, to this type of story, it didn’t make me feel sick nor make me want to stop reading. Well done there!

A strangely fascinating read, one I couldn't put down, one that taught me something too! If I finish a book having more new information than I had before I started, I consider the reading time well spent. For this reason, I gave this book a 5—for the insight into another place.

The score is also high because it was very well written, the subject was handled wonderfully, and the images I saw were crystal clear.

Forgive me if this review isn’t of my usual crazy standard, but I am still reeling! Truly, this book stunned me in many ways. This has given me much to think about (no, I don’t think I could go down the bdsm road) and it has given me an understanding of other people’s needs and wants—I now don’t feel so strange towards people who practise this kind of sexual activity, as this book showed me that if two people consent, then it really isn’t gross or bad or weird.

Thank you Miranda, for showing me, for broadening my mind. I appreciate any author that can bring me fresh insight into things that were previously a mystery.

Michelle Ellis does her own reviews at She also has her own blog, which will be posted soon on my friends list. Funniest lady I've met in a while.

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