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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Beast in Beauty By: K.M Frontain

Published by: Erotic Dreams Publishing

Rating: On a scale of 1-5, I rated this a 5.

Remember Beauty and the Beast done by Disney? The Beast in Beauty, is a twisted rendition of the old kids story line. And it is anything but kid friendly. Beauty is actually Alaric. Everyone wants Alaric. He’s gorgeous, perfect and is just looking for a reason to smack someone down. The beast is in fact beasts and it’s two women who have a love affair for each other. Deirdre and Ilsea. And he can’t get enough of these two. One refuses to submit and the other has just been waiting for the right guy to come along. Oh and lets not forget about the footman. Henry wants a taste of Alaric as well.

When I first opened this novella, I had no idea what to expect. Many a time, I would gasp and my eyes would open so wide I thought for sure they would pop out of my head. But, just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore K.M would let up a little a push onward with another scene.

The sex was enough to make me need to sit in cold shower until eternity ended. Yet, I had to get out to come and sit down to write this review. Yes, this stories centers primarily around sex. People only stop having sex long enough to slay the bad guys, get patched up from another fight and go back to having sex again. This would normally be enough for me to close up my computer and wait until tomorrow to finish reading. So why didn’t I?

Well for one thing, the characters were so dead on. Personalities meshed, their relationship made sense and for once, while reading I wasn’t looking for a way that it could have been written better. There was no room and no time to find fault. Flow. Something that is just as important as all the planning that goes into a story. It is one very important quality that makes one author stand out as better than another. And let me tell ya, K.M has it down pat.

The other reason I didn’t close it up, is I have never in my life read a story like this. Beasts are actually beasts. They grow fangs, patches of hair, some have wings, some just have bad attitudes. But, it was still different. And anything different, I’m generally all over.

And for third. I really liked these characters. There are no simpering women, no one trapped on rail road tracks. Everyone has a mind of their own and even the reader sees nothing of what they are thinking.

The Beast in Beauty was a fantastic read and I look forward to more coming from this author soon.

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