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Friday, September 01, 2006

SM101 (Second Edition) By: Jay Wiseman

Title: SM101 (Second Edition)
Author: Jay Wiseman
Publisher: Greenery Press
Genre: BDSM Nonfiction
ISBN: 0-9639763-8-9
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Jay Wiseman’s introduction to sadomasochism is a down-to-earth, easy to understand primer for the beginner. The information contained in this book is invaluable to those either new to SM or merely interested in the basics.

There are two excellent reasons to recommend Wiseman’s book. The first is the extreme emphasis on safety. The author takes great pains to explain the safeguards he feels are necessary to ensure that a good time is had by all. This includes everything from making sure someone knows where you are to using paramedic scissors and outfitting a first aid kit. He includes sample negotiations for a scene, as well as a sample of rules for a BDSM party or club event. This emphasis on safety is a lovely reminder that BDSM is based on consent – which is a nice teaching point for those who are complete novices.

The second reason is the clarity of focus. Wiseman is focused only on SM relationships and the SM scene. He does not delve significantly into fetishism or sexual orientation or any of a number of other topics. Instead, he gives a clear, concise, and realistic overview of what to expect when it comes to the giving and receiving of pain. This includes a nice instructive section on rope bondage and knots. For those wishing to broaden their outlook to related areas, Wiseman provides a chapter on “Related Practices” which introduce some of the more commonly encountered alternative sexual practices.

The book has a number of helpful additions, including a guide to finding help with problems, as well as a significant and realistic discussion on how to find a date. Wiseman provides a resource guide which includes both recommended materials and NOT recommended materials (though I do wish he had mentioned why he didn’t recommend them) – which is an interesting twist.

It is important to understand that Wiseman’s audience is not the seasoned BDSM player or the professional dominant. Wiseman’s audience is the novice, and it shows in the book. The writing style can, at points, be somewhat pedantic, and Wiseman’s admirable emphasis on safety can sometimes seem overwhelming and burdensome. Additionally, his dominant persona and his strong personal preferences come through loud and clear in his discussion of the “appropriate” behavior for dominants and submissives.

In short, this is the book I would give to a novice in order to establish a good, solid foundation.

Reviewed by: Elise Logan

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