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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Disciples of Pleasure Book 1 of Elsa’s Erotic Escapades By: Desiree Erotique

Disciples of Pleasure Book : Elsa's Erotic Escapades
Written By: Desiree Erotique
Published By: Mardi Gras Publishing 2006
(Note: This book will not be made available until October.)
Genre: BDSM Paranormal/Contemporary

This novel scored a 3 out of a 5.

Disciples of Pleasure begins with a young woman frustrated with the current path in her life. While dreaming of finishing art school she's stuck working at a greasy diner. To top it all off her love life is empty and the one sexual encounter she can remember isn't even worth the effort to fantasize about.

A man she hardly knows does stand out at her. And the familiar rise of lust has her delving into her own panties for a quickie by her car. No sooner has she finished than the strange woman that sits by the window every day. Curious she watches the woman approach. And a turn of sexual events she never expected lands in her lap. She's tossed into the back of a car and lugged to a completly different dimension.

And it's on Nemi, the parallel world, that she learns to let go of her inhibitions and accept a role she was meant to play. The guards on Nemi are quick to administer punishment and just as eager to have a sexual encounter with a girl right where she stands. Everything is so new to Elsa that she is frightened and uncertain. Pride and fear bring on punishments that she is unsure about. Yet, with every sexual encounter she finds herself trapped in this world even more. So the question isn't if she will play the role she has agreed to. The question is, how long will it be before she finally submits her heart, mind, body and spirit to a sexual people that she does not understand?

This book has many levels most of which deal with this lifestyle on a purely sexual and fantasy level. Yet, in here she traps the very people who threaten Nemi's existance. Those people are the conservatives who refuse to accept a person who does not follow their very strict standards in life. I enjoyed how she made them prisoners. And maybe I am delving too far into this, but by not being more open minded are they not trapping ourselves anyway? Well done Desiree. It was nice to see that brought out into the open in a creative manner.

With three villians in this novel she has much going on. The two Leather Wives create humorous display of topping from the bottom as they seem to actually be manipulative submissives. With these two wives, it was a great place for Desiree to introduce the hero of the story. As for the thrid villian, he appeared, disappeared and I'm hoping to learn more about him in the next book. These beings are able to cross over into Nemi and entice the ones who know no better into coming to them before they take them away and enslave them in a world they are better off not knowing.

What can I say about the hero? Robert is tantalizing and cute all at the same time. He allows himself to be drawn in by two women that even though he knows better, one of them has the look that he's always wanted. A devil in sheeps clothing. He redeems himself admirably when he finally realizes his charge is Elsa. The woman he's wanted ever since he met her at the diner. He takes charge of her as no other in the Nemi world or her own world has done before.

I enjoyed reading this twisted tale. Although, there were some words advice that I would like to impart on this piece. I understand when Robert's moment of change occured. When he finally realized that what he had was nothing of what he truly wanted. Yet, for Elsa, who seemed desitined for a life of boredom until she came to Nemi and who by all accounts has acted virginal until her new world, I did not feel as though the author delved into her psyche as much as I would have liked. She seemed to accept her plight with only a few moments of fear. Since this world was such a physically sexual world it would have only seemed fair that she would have had some moments in her own head where she thought... WTF?

The other issue I had with this story was the women seemed more like slaves than submissives. There was no discussion of likes and dislikes and the way the Guards took advantage of the women seemed less than appropriate. No still means no when you're a submissive. The only choice the woman actually had was rather she would follow the Mistress into the other world. After of which all choice was taken from her. To me that is not submission. However, that did not ruin this read for me, it just made me question the difference.

After reading this novel, I do have a few words I would like to say to Desiree. And that is, that she is a very talented writer. She's able to weave a BDSM world and make it her own. She has the voice and ability. As intelligent and knowledgable as she is about this lifestyle, I feel she could truly make heads turn by producing more in depth work. I would like to see her delve into the psychological world of BDSM, and if she did so I feel she truly could change how the lifestyle is presented to the world. She has an amazing talent and I can only see those abilities growing with the more she writes.

Thank you, Desiree for an insightful piece. I look forward to the next installment.

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