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Friday, January 26, 2007

Puss in Boots By: Lady Midnight

Title: Puss in Boots
Author: Lady Midnight
Publisher: loveyoudivine
ISBN: 1-60054-039-2

Review By: Miranda Heart

Rating 4 out of 5

Puss in Boots has everything a reader could wish for in a novel. An unsolved murder mystery with a disturbing twist. A closet Female Dominant that is finally able to let her hair down in a display of true Domiance, with a love and devotion to the inner workings of a true masochist. A submissive detective who has impotence issues and a heart of gold. Phenominal scening that could not have been truer to the lifestyle had I been standing there myself and watching. And an ending that made my heart melt.

Lady Midnight was able to create a story here. Not a story about Domination and submission, but a story about true love, loyalty and real life. She has shown readers that those who live this lifestyle also have lives. We also see a side that is not too often shown in BDSM books today. That is, a submissive plays a much deeper role than servent to Mistress. She showed and proved to me that even in ttimes when the Dominant does not feel they are as "strong" as we might believe them to be, that a submissive is strong enough to lead the way. That in itself endeared me to these characters. They are people first.

Margurite is intriguing from the get go. Her father's passing has only weaked her enough to regain the strength she needs to fight against her brother, Peter. Peter has not only allowed the Alphabet Murderer to reside in what is now her home, but he was also the man that raped her when she was a child.

After her father's death she gives into a side of herself that she has kept quiet for too long. Donnel, her body guard, believes her to be inexperienced when he offers himself to her as a practice tool, with her own father's many torture devices. Together they embark on a relationship that fulfills the both of them in ways that sex could never match.

Because Peter has tried tied up her inheritance, Donnel offers her a job as a professional Dominatrice. With the pay that is being offered her, how can she refuse? Little do they know, she is being video taped doing the one thing her therapist told her not to do. Now, her safety and her freedom are at stake and she seems to have no way to convince the judge that her practices are not only normal, but safe, sane and consensual.

All in all I found Puss in Boots to be a fascinating read. The author drew me in at page one. Not only that, but Lady Midnight did a great job in explaining the psychology behind the Female Dominant's mind. Before reading this novel, I did not quite understand them. I can only say, thank you for opening my eyes to a different view.

I had only one true hangup about this story. The head hopping. If it had been characters that were main characters to the story line, I could have over looked this. However, nothing bothers me more or will drag me out of a story quicker than reading a secondary character's mind. The other point to this is, the main characters were so intriguing and had enough of their own problems that it was unnecessary to drag in the thoughts of others.

Even that does not deter me from wanting to read more of what she has written. I look forward to seeing what else she has written for my book shelf.

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