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Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Devil In Winter by Diana Hunter

TITLE: A Devil in Winter
AUTHOR: Diana Hunter
PUBLISHER: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN #: 1-4199-0730-1
RELEASE DATE: December 2006

Reviewed By: Canice Brown-Porter
Rated 4 out of 5

Kevin’s Christmas holiday plans have been turned upside down. Living in New York, he always flew home to Texas to spend time with his parents, brothers, and various relatives. The big holiday get-together has been tossed aside this year because his parents have decided to take a 40th wedding anniversary cruise. And, everyone else has already made alternate plans, and none included him.

He’s lost the one woman he loves and it looks as though he will be spending Christmas in the City, alone. At least, until his ex-girlfriend’s little sister catches him peeking through their windows. Anna threatens to call the police, and Kevin panics. Whisking her off in his car so he can try to reason with her holds all the connotations of kidnapping. Especially when he ties her up.

Her struggles against the ropes tug at his Dominant nature, and he could swear Anna enjoyed be bound. But, her threats of kidnapping charges and calling the police hold a whole different perspective. Realizing he can’t make her understand that he just wanted to apologize to her sister, Kevin releases her and offers her the use of his phone. Knowing he’ll be jailed for the charges, he’s surprised when her call his placed to her parents and she explains she’s been detained. And, that she’ll be bringing a dinner guest with her. Him?

Why hadn't she called the police? And why was she taking him to dinner at her parents' house knowing her sister would be there? Just what was Anna's ulterior motive?

The only problem I experienced with this story occurred whenever Ms. Hunter referred to Kevin’s Dominant side as a “beast within” or “dark animal”. These references conjured up negative images of him and pulled me out of the story. I stumbled over them. I found the scenes bordering on vanilla-kinky to light BDSM play.

Overall, Ms. Hunter has written an amusing and insightful romance about human nature and the inner struggles of relationships. It brought to mind the saying about “can’t see the forest for the trees”. The storyline was great and I was pulled right in. Her skills at craftsmanship are outstanding. The sex was hot. The characters were human...flaws and all.

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