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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Charade by Sabrina Luna

Title: Charade
Author: Sabrina Luna
Publisher: Aphrodite’s Apples
Rating: 4 out of 5

Dixie is Mitchell Wilcox’s protégé for a year and a day. Her sense of adventure and curiosity led to this agreement, and now she finds herself acting solely under Mitchell’s instruction. He has a strong character and Dixie is more then happy to follow his instructions, knowing that if she does not there will be a quick reprimand. Everything is going well between them and Dixie is relishing her role, but things begin to heat up when Mitchell’s younger brother visits. When they all get into the same room, Dixie realizes she still has an awful lot to learn.

Charade is an intriguing book; although you never find out the exact circumstances as to why Dixie has become Mitchell’s contractual submissive it becomes apparent very early on that there is more feeling between the two of them then they would like to admit. Ms. Luna has been able to show readers an intensity between the two people that makes the story leap of the pages, and readers will want to continue to read just to find out if they do end up together (but I’m not telling you the end so you’ll just have to read it yourself!). The pace is quite laid-back and sensual to begin with, which matches perfectly the life-style and opulence Mitchell lives in, but does pick up towards the end and readers will be happily swept along in the flow.

This isn’t a book full of BDSM; in fact there are very few such scenes and the ones that are there are not heavily involved within BDSM, little more than spanking or a light flogging/paddling. While the book does dip its toes into various scenarios, including many acts of voyeurism, it doesn’t really get very far into them so some readers may be left with a feeling of disappointment and a need for more. The scenes that are there have been written with passion, and each one is full of heat. I particularly loved the chocolate mousse scene and thought it was the most sexually charged in the whole book.

As a whole, this book was quite a light read; it didn’t get me too involved but was enough to peak my interest and keep reading. This isn’t a book for those who have been active in the BDSM scene for a long time, instead I would recommend it to those who love exploring the ‘fantasy’ of light BDSM with such stereotypes as the fabulously wealthy master and his equally gorgeous brother. That being said, if anyone finds themselves late at night with nothing to read this book will definitely keep them warm.

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