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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wicked Ties By: Shayla Black

Title: Wicked Ties
Author: Shayla Black
Publisher: The Burkley Publishing Group
Date: January 2007
ISBN: 13:978-0-425-21631-2

Rating 5 out of 5

I just finished reading Wicked Ties and I'm scrambling to find a professional way to do this review. I don't have one. So I'm writing her a letter instead. You would probably wonder why I'm writing her a letter. An author that can touch you so personally deserved to be spoken to so personally.

Dear Ms. Black,

I just finished reading your book. My toes are finally starting to uncurl, I'm catching my breath and if I'm lucky I might get to sleep tonight. There is one tiny problem though. My husband is divorcing me. Which is fine because you are going to find Mr. Jack Cole and bring him to your home where I will be living from here on out. My husband says that he has to work and can no longer wake at three a.m for quickies. Neither can he stand that I rest the book on his chest while I have sex and read at the same time. Odd it never bothered me when he did the same thing. He also dislikes me screaming "JACK" in bed and that I bring my toy box down stairs while he's trying to watch hockey play offs.

So if you would please set up your guest bedroom I am packing my bags tonight and will be there in the morning.

Feel free to bring Deke along, as menage has never been my thing but I have a feeling these two would make it mind blowing.

I don't know where you found Jack and Morgan but these two had to be the hottest thing ever written about. Their characters were so real, so alive I could have touched them. I've never had screams like that bounce around in my head just from staring at a page. Your descriptions have left me breathless. I had to stop reading this book sitting up because it made me dizzy.

Your newest, dearest, most submissive friend,

Miranda Heart

P.S I made it creepy on purpose. :)

Morgan embodies every sexual submissive into one tight little body. She's eager to please once he finds the right button, unleashes her fear and strips her of her sanity. She's lost in him and he in her. Yet she refuses to tell him her deepest fears about herself. This bugs him he tries to go much deeper. It's hard to resist Jack when he's everything she's ever wanted wrapped up in a muscular package built for sex. He's dominanting refuses to take no for an answer and seems to know her better than she knows herself. What could be more frustrating.

Jack on the other hand is blown away by his reaction to her. His vivid dreams about a red head are nothing more than what happens to every man in his family, who finally meets their soul mate. But, it can't be Morgan. He's using Morgan to get back at Brandon. He even saves the video tape of their first sexual encounter and emails it to his ex bestfriend, Brandon. Why? Because Brandon did the same thing to him with his wife. Morgan is only his fiance so it can't be nearly as bad as all that. He can't seem to stop himself from tying her down and ravishing her body. He wants to know everything about her, learn her inside and out. It doesn't help that his grandfather brought over a bag of seductive clothing for her to wear and only wear, since they had to run from Louisiana to his swamp cabin with nothing more that stripper clothes on her back. But, Grandpere knows Morgan is Jack's soul mate and won't let it go. What more is a man to do than fall for the woman of his dreams?

THere's some twists to this story. Morgan is staying with Brandon, her half brother, because she has a stalker. Not just a cute stalker that takes pics and jerks off on your bed. No this guy is out for blood. Her blood, Jack's blood, Brandon's... it doesn't matter. Morgan is his and he'll shoot anyone in his path. And he tries and fails. Jack is a body guard and he has every intention of keeping her safe. Safe beneath him, on top of him, tied down to a table for him. Hey, she's safe, who's complaining. By the end of their few days together they're both wondering if they can go back to their regularily scheduled lives. But not before more twists in the book. The stalker still has to be caught. Morgan still has to come to terms with a side of herself she won't let anyone see. And Jack has to give up his vendictive streak.

Great job Shayla. This book was amazing from start to finish.

There are several twists and turns to this story to keep any reader on edge turning the page for more. Ms Black's ability to build characters, plot and heat are unbelievable. I'll be buying her next book post haste.

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