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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Taboo: Taking Instruction by Cheyenne McCray

Reviewed by Elise Logan
Title: Taboo: Taking Instruction
Author: Cheyenne McCray
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419909825
Genre: BDSM erotic fiction
Publication Date: 2007
Rating: 3 of 5

Cheyenne McCray takes us on a journey through one of the most popular fantasies in role playing – the dominating professor and the submissive student. Jessica is at the end of her freshman year when she decides to seize the opportunity to live out the fantasies she has been having about her English professor, Craig Bennett. For his part, Craig has been watching Jessica all semester, pushing back his lust because of their student/teacher relationship. Jessica breaks through that barrier by presenting herself, naked on his desk, as an end of term gift.
One of the things that works well in this story is the play on the fantasy roles – Craig and Jessica emphasize the taboo they are breaking by having Jessica address him as Professor and by playing up other aspects of the fantasy. The fantasy nature of this piece allows it to delve into relatively extreme territory very quickly – moving the novice Jessica immediately into activities that would take much longer to reach in reality. The license taken in this regard leads to some extremely sexy scenes, particularly involving heavier bondage and sensation play (stockades, extended suspension, and nearly completely unprepared anal sex, for example).
On the other hand, there are some fairly major realism problems which crop up. Some of these have nothing to do with the BDSM elements (including a strange opening scene in which the students are evidently writing term papers in the actual class), while others are very definitely BDSM related (including a scene in which a ball gag is described as completely silencing the sub – not muffling the sound, but completely silencing her even in her own head). These small but glaring difficulties make it difficult to connect to the scenes, thereby dropping the overall level of the story.
If you are looking for an intense, hot fantasy piece, this is a good choice. The lack of realism drags it down a bit, but the intensity of the scenes helps make up for it.

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