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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taming Delany By: Reese Gabriel

Title: Taming Delany
Author: Reese Gabriel
Publisher: Elloras Cave
ISBN: 9781419909634

Score: 4.5

Rayf has to have Delany back. He just can't see himself living without her any longer. Although their courtship and marriage was breif, he knows they are meant to be together. Now Delany is marrying Rayf's best friend Max and as much as he's tried to keep himself away from the situation he just knows Max isn't the man for Delany.

Delany did the best she could to tame Rayf, but, Rayf's idea of jobs included construction and wrestling alligators for sport. Which infuriated Delany who wanted more out of a relationship than hot sex. She needs a man she can rely on emotionally. She needs a man to contribute to their financial secruity. Rayf would spend his last dime on a homeless man. Despite the fact that she has no real attraction to Max, he's still better than the alternative.

Before I begin any other part of this review, I’d like to say that the sex scenes between these two are phenomenal. It isn’t every day that I’m wiping sweat off my brow while reading a story. In this the author lived up to her characters personalities. They clash on everything else but the bedroom.

Rayf is the type of guy that truly wants to give his woman everything. There are just some things he isn’t capable of doing. That is holding down a nine to five job dressed in a suit everyday. Neither do I feel that every person should be required to do those things. You can have financial security without sitting at a computer everyday. I liked Rayf’s character. I thought he was honest and forthright about things. He has a big heart and is always eager to please. However, I did feel this story should have been title Taming Rayf. There is so much expected out of him to turn him into the ideal man that Delany ends up not being tamed at all.

Delany on the other hand is your typical suburban wife. She wants everything and is even willing for a while to believe she can be tied down to Master Boring for the rest of her life. Thanks to Rayf though, she has a second chance at finding love with the man she should have been with. I think if we had delved a little deeper into Delany we’d find she just thinks she wants to have her pockets overflowing with cash. Her nails done every week and have her hair highlighted while she munches scones and drinks tea. Yet, deep down she’s begging for that guy who can just chill out, relax and not think so much. Who knows maybe that was part of the story and I missed it. Either way Rayf and her are yin and yang. Eventually, the two of them would find a way to play it out and make it work. What she does love about Rayf is his ability to utterly control her inside the bedroom. She loves the Master/slave position she’s put into. She loves begging to come, bondage, anal sex and going all night long.

And that’s what Rayf sets out to find out. Can they just have one night together and walk away like nothing happened. What a night it turns out to be. He pulls out all the stops, he leaves nothing untouched, including Delany’s heart. Just the way he expected it.

What bothered me about this book, but I was only able to take out off half a point, is the way the book ended. I can’t tell you the ending, but I can say that, the author has built up one drama incident after another. Delany is a basket case on how to confront Max and Rayf’s run away to go figure all this out for himself. Then when it comes time to wrap it all up, I felt it just wrapped up too neatly. All this drama and then no drama. It just didn’t seem to match the pace of the book. That was a let down for me. The rest of the book was written so well I couldn’t let it spoil one small section of the book. I loved her attention to detail. The way she could draw out every moment and make it worth your while to read about these two. I particularly enjoyed how their exchanges with one another were so real. Their both hot and bothered and do nothing to try to hide it when they’re away from each other.

Watching Max and Delany’s exchange helped me to understand how Delany finds Max so boring. Max just flat out doesn’t try things that are new. He likes to stick with the same ol’ everyday. And for him that works, just not for Delany.

As a whole I truly did enjoy reading this story and I hope to read more by this author soon. She knows how to build characters and keep the reader turning the page, anticipating more and actually getting it.

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