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Friday, May 25, 2007

Dalton's Temptation By: Kelli A. Wilkins

Title: Dalton's Temptaion
Author: Kelli A. Wilkins
Amber Quill Press, LLC

ISBN: 978-1-60272-019-0

Score: 5

Where do I start about this book. For starters this is part two of a series. Yet, it stands alone. At least that was what Ms Wilkins told me and she was right. I didn't feel as though I missed something from book one or that I felt left out of a secret joke. However, her writing style and characters makes me want to read book one.

There's quite a bit going on in this book, so I'm going to try to keep my descriptive short.

Dalton is required to follow his brother in law Allan to Emperor Salizar's castle. Because, Allan, has no sense of decorum and ends up screwing up deals to no end. So Dalton, is required to gothere to babysit. He has one small problem. Elara. His wife. She has a mean temper that only through careful Domination of her has he been able to keep under some semblance of control. She's a very jealous sort, and would never allow him to go on his own. So to keep the piece he's decided not to tell her.

As if that was going to stop his lovely new bride from joining him. She finds a way into his caravan anyway and only after she knocks over the caravan does he find out she's there. He decides she's headed back the next morning. A very funny incident happens while on the road back home, that leaves her back to the caravan again. This time, her husband isn't to know that she's there. Neither does her husband know, thanks to Allan, that he's headed into a castle full of female slaves awaiting to service the male guests there any way they so choose. What's a girl to do if she wants to spy on her husband and keep him from breaking his vows? Become a slave girl of course.

Once at the castle Elara is disgusted at her disguise. She's practically wearing nothing at all. Her brother does his best to help her and explain the rules. No speaking unless spoken to and do everything your told. Two things Elara has no idea about. She also has to come up with a name that is both exotic and not hers. Oonish. That's the name she chooses. With paint on her face and a veil covering everything but her eyes she begins to wait on her husband.

To both of their surprise a woman shows up, Danshuri. She's there to service Dalton. Something Elara had not expected. Competition. Allan, who's the brother who gets into more trouble than Elara, requires both girls to put on a show to decide who stays. After Danshuri's show, Oonish feels certain she'll be kicked from the room. But, to her surprise Dalton doesn't want a temptaion and Oonish is the least tempting of the two. Insulted and elated at the same time, Oonish stays.

Oonish does her best to initate sex with Dalton, but he won't budge, no matter that she blatantly grabs his cock in the tub. Instead, she's instructed to leave to her own quarters. Oonish knows though that she's turned him on, despite the fact that he doesn't want to be. She's now more worried than ever and even more glad that she chose to disobey his orders. And despite the fact that she was chosen because she wasn't tempting, she learns that her dear husband is still very excited by her body.

The antics of Oonish continue throughout the book. The men are given drinks laced with some sort of potion to lower their inhibitions and while Allan can't get enough of it, Dalton hates the loss of control. Danshuri is also doing her best to entice Dalton to cheat on his wife. She displays herself on his lap, dances for him, yet he doesn't give in.

Finally, though, Dalton has had enough of Oonish and her inability to listen to his demands of leaving him alone. He swats her on the ass so hard, after she dances on his lap enough to make him want to come, and kicks her out of his room for good. Oonish, reverting back to Elara goes crying to her brother of the incident that just happened and Allan goes to talk to Dalton. Here the book turns interesting. And I won't delve anymore into this. The pace picks up quickly and it seems as though there will be a fight to the death. Elara also has a surprise for us that she's not even aware of, but Dalton is. Elara will hopefully learn how to be a better submissive by the end of the book. But, for now, I'd call her a bratty submissive.

As a general rule I don't like brats. That said, I'm certain I'm at the top of the bratty scale. However, Ms Wilinks, explains it in a way that I enjoyed. Elara believes the stunts she pulls are helpful to all those involved. She isn't trying to be a brat, she's just trying to help, or to oversee.... Which makes her a brat. Her lack of trust in her current situation, being married to a man everyone believes is after her money, makes her come across more bratty. Those issues have to be dealt with and I believe they are. If there is a third story to this book, I hope to see a more submissive Elara.

For the time being, Elara made me laugh and even teary eyed in a few places. Dalton expects her to listen, but when she doesn't he can usually win her over pretty well with words of seduction and firm hand to her backside. He spanks her in this book and truly shows her he isn't in the mood to deal with her insubordination. To make iti better, the author doesn't turn into to some sexual game. Punishment is just that, punishment. I can't wait to get a copy of the first book to find out how it all began. Ms Wilkins has wet my appetite for more.

I will say, that Kelli, rode a fine line between historical and making this come off as a contemporary piece. Just as I was about to tsk tsk tsk, she snaps me back to the time period. Very well done.

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