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Monday, June 04, 2007

Next Floor Naughty By: Ann Cory

Title: Next Floor Naughty
Author: Ann Cory
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Score: 3.5

Davion is your typical wife to be of 2007. She has an idea of how life should be and instead of communicating her needs she decides to go seek them elsewhere. What are those needs? A super male Dominant. She's invited to this BDSM party where anything goes and she has every intention of attending. She hasn't an orgasm in months and she's hoping to meet a Dominant that will show her what she's missing.

Liam is trying to give his fiance everything she needs but it's hard to do that when evertime they have sex she rushes off to the bathroom. He's confused and getting a little frustrated. That is until he accidentally finds her invitation under her pillow one day. He can't let this happen. His fiance at a BDSM party, where anything can go wrong. Even more, he's realizing his play just isn't doing it for her and that she wants more. He plans to be there to show her what kind of Dominant he really is.

This is where I give Ann Cory kudos on her story line. I liked the way she built up the tension. One being snippy with the other, couples intentionally trying to pick fights because they're avoiding topics. She set all of this up very well. But, Davion has some issues that need to be addressed, and if she knows anything about BDSM she'll know, no relationship or for that matter one night stand can survive without communicating needs.

Ann Cory has attempted to write a very fantasy driven story here. However, for me it was much to close to how real life is and had an ending that left me less than satisfied. The audacity of the heroine in the story left a bad taste in my mouth and I feel the hero was nothing more than a doormat to her whims.

I started to say poor Liam, but frankly he should have called her out on it, he shouldn't have by no means attempted to indulge this fantasy of hers with him as the giver. First off he just proved he really isn't very Domlike. What man who has any self respect would tolerate that kind of behavoir? He wants her, he loves her, he should have said something to her.

All that aside, there seems to have been no trust broken by her activities. The real problem lies in the fact that Liam didn't start out as this big burly Dom and stay that way from day one. This is a classic example of how some women can set such high standards for their men that there is no way they can achieve them. This relationship as far as I'm concerned is doomed. And it sucks. Because, I started out sorta liking this book. I've seen this kind of thing done before. Not in writing but in real life. The relationships, just don't work until one person lowers their expectations and starts communicating. And I'm sorry, but it has to happen BEFORE one person cheats on the other. Again though, this isn't the issue. Davion is bored with her current relationship, she's done. These two were completely unbelievable by the end and I'm frustrated with the both of them.

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