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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Mistress and the Mouse By: JJ Giles

Title: The Mistress and the Mouse
Author: JJ Giles
Publisher: loveyoudivine

Score: 4 out of 5

Morgan McFaye, Sex Therapist by day, Dominatrix by night, is in disarray. Her lover and submissive of ten years, Brian Alexander, has left her life. Morgan couldn’t know that her newest client, Jerry Abernathy, grandson of an assassinated president, is her lover’s father.

When she believes she has a corporate raider, rapist and murderer on her client list, she finds she has a sexual abuse victim and world-class disciplinarian on her client list. Jerry’s investigation into Morgan’s past reveals she is yet to be prosecuted for murder.

But Brian finds that Jerry has fallen in love with Morgan. He also realizes he can’t live without her. The crises culminates with a lavish American wedding. Only the identity of the groom is in question.

Before I begin my discussion of the book I have to come clean. The above blurb is not one I wrote, but the one I found on the website. JJ did a much more beautiful job of summing up the novel than I ever would have. Now onto my review.

JJ Giles dishes out another twisted tale of love, betrayal, sacrifice and misunderstandings. As always her story lines are intriguing, captivating and keep me guessing right up until the end. She has plot twists and turns with each new chapter that drags you deeper into the lives of her characters. I don't ever remember being more involved in a hero or heroine's life before. By the end you know every character in the book better than you know your own family memebers.

Bryan Alexander (Abnernathy) already has his own set of problems. His mother is beaten regularily by his father, or at least he assumes that's the problem. His girlfriend won't marry him, his father really isn't his father. He's the nice guy that feels the need to keep everybody happy despite his own lack of happiness. To bring that about, he leaves his girl friend and goes to stay with his mother, whom he finds out recently suffered a broken arm at the hand of his father. He forces Jerry to begin seein a sex therapist, that happens to be Morgan, his girlfriend.

Morgan McFae, is a sex therapist with her own set of issues. Her own childhood and events that led up to her adulthood have kept her from marrying the man she loves with all her heart. The one she calls Mouse. She hates everything about the rich and famous and refuses to date a man who is rich. Yeah, she has money, lots of it, but she worked her ass off to get every dime she has today. When Bryan proposes one last time and she turns it down, she isn't prepared for him to leave her, set a wedding date and demand she either show up or he'll marry someone else. This now prompts her to have nothing to with Bryan and she takes on his father as a client. She has no idea that Jerry is Bryan's son. She becomes more and more attached to Jerry while trying to cure his problem of beating his wife. She also decides to take on Jerry's wife as a client. Training her to be submissive to her husband. Is she in for a load of surprises as the novel progresses and Jerry becomes more comfortable. She still doesn't know how she is going to live without her beloved Mouse. Even her house slave girl doesn't seem to have the answer to this delimma.

Jerry Abernathy. Rich, powerful, Dominant. Is finally brought to his knees by one woman. Morgan. Thanks to his son, he finally feels as though he might have a chance in hell of being saved. No, he doesn't beat his wife, now, athough there were circumstances in the past that lead him to abuse her. Like her throwing her baby. Now he deals with his wife being a prostitute and to protect the Abernathy name he allows his family and friends to believe he beats his wife. His son hadn't really talked to him in ten years, even if it isn't his real son, he still loves his children deeply and wants them to be apart of their lives. He balked at Bryan's demand at first. But, after being at Morgan's knees a few times, he sees how the otherside feels. He'll never be submissive, but he would do anything for Morgan. Just as he finally decides to divorce his wife and let the chips fall where they may, he thinks he's falling in love with Morgan. What he doesn't know is that Bryan and Morgan were at one time a couple. Slowly, but surely Jerry's life starts to come together.

There were several more characters in this book, but I'd rather focus on the main three. It would take me several pages to discuss even the first half of the book. The dynamics of the relationships, the twisted soap opera, there just aren't enough words on BDSM Reviews to describe it all. JJ actually made me cry and that's a tough thing to do. I can't wait to read the rest of this book. As there are going to be several volumes available for ebook. The only reason JJ ever gets a point taken off is not her tale, but the fact that I wish she would up her descriptives in her writing. Make every word count towards the overall picture. Otherwise, she's an amazing writer. I've never known anyone with such a twisted mind before, and I love it.

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