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Monday, June 04, 2007

Mastering Marissa By: Cyna Kade

Title: Mastering Marissa
Author: Cyna Kade
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Score: 4.5 out of 5

What an interesting story to talk about. Marissa and Kytar, Talcor

After Marissa's mother's death, she's able to thankfully end communications with her abusive step father. Going through her mother's things she finds a letter that was written to her many years ago. The letter is explaining that her natural father lives on Darinth and would like to meet her one day.

Her father, Davo, is excited to finally speak to his daughter and asks her to come to a visit. But, Marissa is all to aware how things are on his planet. The degradation of women, forcing them into slavery and abusing them. Marissa has no intentions of ending up like her mother. Repeatedly she turns him down despite his protests that their planet does what the women are wanting them to do. He sends several videos for her to view. The real videos, not the ones the media wants you to see. Despite her desire not to find them intriguing and erotic, she does. Her own desires humiliate her, but she can't say no to her father after he promises to protect her.

She leaves for her father's planet and stays put in the waiting section. This is the only safe place for a woman. There she can wait for her father and although she can't stop the learing, no one can harm her. A man she doesn't know approaches her and offers to help. She refuses him repeatedly and then, thanks to the call of nature accepts his help. No sooner than she comes out of the bathroom does he bind her to him with a few magical words, leaving her close to orgasm and a need for submission. Again images of her beaten and bruised mother come to mind and she proceeds to fight her captor.

Kytar has kidnapped Marissa to get back at her father for interfering with his own group of people. He didn't expect the binding to steal his breath away and leave him wanting for more. Worse is, he doesn't understand how Marissa isn't giving into her true nature. The spell that binded them has left her feeling submissive towards him and she's fighting him every step of the way. He wants to be gentle with her, but her actions anger and confuse him. It takes everything he has not to harm her. He offers her his collar and outright refuses him, screaming about slavery. Something hs planet does not believe in. He believes her position to be honerable. After all, she gets to have pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

He can feel her response to him, he needs to get back at Davo, so he locks her away in a cell hoping to force her acceptance of his collar. Marissa is furious with herself that she wants him and what he has to offer so badly. She blames it on the magic, but she still can't deny her body. Three days locked in a cell and the only thing she gets to see is him is about all she can physically take. She begs him to just take her. Have sex with her. He's insulted and refuses. She has to accept his collar first.

The collar is practically forced on her and even after she takes it she wants it off. But on Darinth there is no such thing as giving back a collar. The only way to make that happen is to challenge the Dominant's Dominance. Marissa feels if she doesn't do this she'll end up a shell of a woman like her mother, covered in bruises with no say in the matter. Despite how happy she has seen the other women on the planet, there are no promises and fear finally forces her to make this challenge.

She speaks to her father about all of this. He's refused to help because Marissa is no longer his property. He tries to calm her fears about submission but she won't have it and her father is left with no choice but to offer the challenge to Kytar.

Kytar is beside himself that she's offered this challenge. She doesn't understand what she asks. It could mean the death of both of them if the final ceremony doesn't go properly. He knows though, that this is the only way that he's going to earn Marissa's submission and he's prepared to go through it. That is of course if he can have the help of his close friend Talcor.

I can't give away anymore of the story line because I do want there to be some surprises. I will say though that I enjoyed this book immensly. I loved Marissa's character. She doesn't just find herself in a submissive position one day. Without her truly knowing or understanding it, she found those video's tantalizing, giving me at least a glimpse into a side of herself that has yet to be awakened. It's common practice for subs to test their Doms and Darinth seemed to be a better place to do so than earth. It wasn't a usual testing. It gave an excuse for Kytar to cause pain to her to force her submission. And it gave Marissa insight into Kytar. She doesn't trust him or herself. This challenge is what she needed to prove once and for all not all men are equal.

Kytar's character was different than what I'm used to reading. He's Dominant, but he prefers the softer side of Dominance and much prefers his partners to be willing. He doesn't enjoy causing undo pain just because it would make him happy. He causes pain because it would make his submissive happy. Two very different things in my book. He respects Marissa but he's forced to show his full Dominance to earn her respect, love and trust. That's not an easy feat when you're being tested at every turn. I kept waiting for something awful to happen and he loses his temper. Nothing. I love that in a man.

You might be wondering why I took off half a point to the book. It's nothing really against the author as she wrote a truly great book. It just bothers me ever so little to have books written about planets with nothing but DOminant males and submissive females. Planet earth is just fine. We have submissives here and don't need to have to travel outside of our galaxy to find a Dominant male. Despite what the single subs might believe.

I felt Ms Kade's writing to be spectacular. I loved her descriptives and all around care of her characters. Her understanding of the lifestyle made my day and to see how these two come together made my heart flutter in excitement. And I won't talk about my wet panties.

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