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Thursday, June 21, 2007

His Submissive By: Reese Gabriel

Title: His Submissive
Author: Reese Gabriel
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910364

Score: 4 out of 5

WOW. Where do I even start about this book. At first Ms. Gabriel really had me sweating bullets with the mention of slave. As this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. The last thing I wanted to do was send an email to EC and explain that I can't review their book because they screwed up the details. Not to mention I was actually enjoying these two characters. Boy am I glad I kept reading and started to understand the dynamics of their relationship. I was glued to my chair for hours to read this book. Ok it took two settings but I have a toddler we can't expect me to read 127 pages in one sitting. I was riveted by the sexual tension. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants at Linzee's attempt to outwit David Carlisle. it had nothing to with her brattiness. It had more to do with her ability to curse him at every turn and his reaction to her nasty tongue.

You see Linzee believes BDSM is somewhere up there with concentration camp victims. Abused, mistreated, broken down. And whipped like slaves. Ok she has a little of that right. Slaves are whipped in BDSM. But, everyone enjoys it. Linzee's sister Traycee wants Linzee and David to sit down and talk. Hash things out, make Linzee understand the lifestyle better. The reason is, Traycee has told David how unhappy Linzee is with her decision to submerge herself into such a female degrading lifestyle. Linzee has other plans though. She sits down with David and immediatly begins insulting him. At first I raised a brow. I mean seriously, who would go to such an extreme. Evidentally, Linzee does anytime she doesn't understand something. Want to talk about, cool, calm and in control at all times. David lets her have her say. He doesn't interrupt her, he doesn't loose his cool. And doesn't bend her over in the coffee shop. There are no threats of what will happen if she keeps up. Nothing. He states his case and watches as she flies off the handle. Any man worth his weight knows that when someone gets that way, bating them only add fuel to the fire. Not to mention she already hates this lifestyle. Why give her more of a reason to believe her ignorance.

Now David has an interest in Linzee, he sees slave written all over her and he wants her. He immediatly cancels becoming Traycee's mentor and decides to take on Linzee's training himself. He gives her a direct order that she's to wear a black dress to dinner. Of course Linzee scoffs at this, but then later decides to wear the black dress anyway. It was her only suitable dinner dress. Whatever her reasonings doesn't matter to David right now. SHe wore the dress. He offers her a challenge to try having an over the knee spanking first and see how she likes it before she continues to insult the lifestyle. As what he expects, she takes the bate. It only takes a little prompting for Linzee to start to respond and for David to realize he couldn't be more right about her. The thing is he's not looking for a submissive he's looking for a sex slave.

Their on again off again relationship continues throughout the book. She hates herself for how she feels and takes it out on David by flinging insults. He counters by not allowing her to orgasm. Forcing her to strip naked in his office. Having sex with her until she's about to explode and leaving her to wait. Telling her to give him blowjobs that he doesn't reciporcate. He has her trembling little body in the palm of his hand and there's nothing she can do about it. She's too needy for an orgasm that she can't seem to give herself. And worse all she can think about is his pleasure and how she can do more for him.

All of this culminates into issues for Linzee. She works as an attorney and walking around in a subbie low all day is giving her fits. SHe can't think, concentrate, move, all thoughts are on him. Her Master. Or the man she refuses to accept as Master. With her past and what happened to her parents she's torn between giving into her desires and holding strong for her sister who doesn't really need her anymore. It all makes for a very dramatic story line. One I thouroughly enjoyed.

I did have two issues with this book. One is the amount of author voice that constantly creeps in there. Stay in the moment. It's the only thing an author has in her writing. We can infer alot, discuss after the big heated discussion or sex scene is complete. Don't drag me out of the tale to give me her or his entire thought process on the situation. Secondly, The first several pages had my jaw dropping. This woman believes M/s, S/m, BDSM, D/s to all be degrading and painful. Then in the next second she's having fantasies of this happening. Goes home and dreams of it happening. She doesn't do any research until later, so she knows nothing of the lifestyle. To me that was the equivalent of a virgin whose never heard of sex suddenly having dreams of penetration. She can't imagine it because knows nothing about it. However, I refused to allow that to ruin my experience with this book. As a whole His Submissive was a very entertaining read.

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