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Friday, June 05, 2009

Where have all the reviews gone?

It seems as though BDSM Reviews has fallen off the face of the net. I assure it is only temporary. With the past pregnancy I had horrible carpel tunnel and exhaustion. Now that baby is here (BTW I was pregnant.) I'm just trying to get my footing once again. If you know of anyone who would like to do book reviews while I'm out to get things going again I would love to hear from them at If not, then I'll be getting some reading done as soon as I am able.

Thanks again,


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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Verticle Tease By: Jude Mason

Title: Verticle Teas
Author: Jude Mason
Publisher: Phaze

Rating: 5 out of 5

Like many of us Carl has had a hard time communicating his needs to his wife. That doesn't stop him from making the decision to find a way to assuage the desperate hunger for being dominated. Surfing the net he finds Jasmine. After several months of phone conversations she's finally ready for the next step. Without hesitation he agrees. The night meets all of his expectations with a few surprises thrown in. Lets just hope his wife understands his needs.

I really enjoyed Carl's story. His desire for fulfillment despite the boundaries of marriage, made his character come to life. I was able to say, been there, done that. Trust is such a difficult thing to place in the hands of the ones we love so dearly. What would hurt more to us though, is their rejection. His need comes through easily as Jude writes his character. Although, I still think it's just plain evil to not let a man cum.

If I were a man, I would have wanted Jasmine as the woman to introduce me to the torments of BDSM. As it were, I'll stick with wishing I were as cruel and loving as she is. She gave me chills as I read her part and had me riveted to my computer screen wondering what terrible things she was about to do next. Loved her.

As for a word about Jude Mason. She has so many stories behind her. Each one exciting and unique. She's always had a wonderful grasp on her characters and no matter what story I pick up of hers the only way I would know it was her writing is that her characters are always stunning and they always have their own voice. As many authors I've read and as many stories of each author that I've read, the hardest thing that seems for others to do is to keep their own selves from showing through the story. Jude, allows her characters, not her muse to lead her through. She has my utmost respect as an author and I hope one day I can do my characters as much justice as she does.

Review written by: Miranda Heart

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hankie Pankie By: Liz Andrews

Title: Hankie Pankie
Author: Liz Andrews
Publisher: Elloras Cave 2007
ISBN: 9781419912832

What can I say about Liz Andrews? She wrote an entertaining, honest, hilarious story in Hankie Pankie and it couldn't have come at a better time. I've been rather grumpy lately, so I really needed this.

Amy Taggart is probably your least suspecting submissive, Dominant or anyone who would enjoy anything outside of vanilla sex. Eric Hammond is much the same way. Your typical next door kinda couple. So the only way for them to have tried to spice things up would have been if a complete accident awaited them. When they show up at the party waiting for the other to take the lead and no one budges, it's time for them to each explain why they're there. What does any couple in love do? They go in to at least "look around."

When they get inside they're too suprised to say or do much. I could totally feel the confusion and out of place feeling simmering off the page. Along with the underlying lust to try something new. I've been there done that. It's nice to see an author who can write something a reader can relate to. I wouldn't call either of them typical Doms and subs as much as I would say they were real. They were there play, explore, learn something new. Even after reading the end I'm still not sure what they decided to do with themselves. But, either way, it was a wonderful look into Ms Andrew's mind and what she writes. Sometimes this lifestyle is taken too seriously. Not every character is dark and broody with a screwed up past. I love those folks too, but a softer, more humorous look at it is always refreshing.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roped By: Ann Jacobs

Title: Roped
Author: Ann Jacobs
Publisher: Elloras Cave2007
ISBN: 9781419912672
Rating: 4 out of 5

Book 1 in the Heart of the West series

This blurb was not written by BDSM Reviews

Returning from the war, his body wounded, his soul hurting, Jared faces a very different life. A sexual Dominant, doubts about his ability now to satisfy any submissive plague him.

Until Ninia. The face of an angel and the body of a centerfold, she's about as unsubmissive as any woman he's known. A nurse in the Cheyenne VA hospital where Jared is sent, Ninia is tough, in control. Until Jared catches her in an unguarded moment and see a vulnerable, softer side. It fires his blood with a need to find out more.

Accepting an invitation to a local dungeon, the sexual Dominant in Jared rears back to full potency when he sees Ninia, submissively awaiting his pleasure, his dominance. Now he knows what he wants. And he's about to prove to Ninia he's man enough to take it.

This story was a welcome change to what I've been reading lately. A Dominant who has an injury. Not just any injury he's missing the whole bottom half of his leg. It would certainly put a damper on my whip weilding expertise. For that, it gave this story heart. He's not just some perfect know it all trying to fumble his way through a lifestyle he doesn't understand. He's a man who has strong convictions of what he's supposed to be able to do and has to realize he's still the same man despite his handicap.

On more levels than one I sympathize with a story like this. Believe it or not, a vast majority of skilled Dominants have handicaps. Some are almost completely incapable of fulfilling their responsiblity to their submissive any longer. And some like Jared just have to learn how to work around a handicap to get their desired results. For some, something like that could be crippling, in more ways than one. It could have gone just that way for Jared had he not had nurse Ninia by his side.

Ninia is his care taker up until he has to leave the hospital to head home. She's a strong woman, and not just any strength. A submissive doesn't have to be mouthy to show how strong they are. A true submissive possesses an inner strength that mere words can not explain. They know when now is not a good time. They know when Master needs attending. They know and understand and accept that there are times when they have to step up and take control without feeling as through their nature has been compromised. She shows this, when instead of obeying a command she stops everything and tends to his needs first. She didn't do this out of disrespect or she's the boss. She did it to save him. It's this quiet strength that sets one submissive apart from another. In taking care of him, Ninia didn't feel as though her abilities as a submissive had been compromised, if anything she felt pride in the fact that she could offer her Master what he needed most, even during a time when he refused to admit it to himself.

I feel like Ms. Jacobs drew that line very well. She showed a side of BDSM that so many are afraid to explore. This endeared me to her characters. They came alive and danced off the page. It was exciting to watch the growth of both of them. This story I hope lays the foundation for future novelists of BDSM. There is so much more to a relationship to explore than simply bending her over a table and paddling her behind. Don't get me wrong, those stories are fun too. But, seeing a more serious, real side is equally precious. Thank you Ms. Jacobs, I look forward to more stories from you.

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A Filly For Doug By: Reese Gabriel

Title: A Filly For Doug
Author: Reese Gabriel
Publisher: Elloras Cave 2007"
ISBN: 9781419911804
Rating: 2.5 out of 5

BDSM Reviews did not write this blurb.

This book is the sequel to Roping His Filly.

Having lost his fiancée to Jake, Doug is reluctant to trust him but agrees to a blind date he has arranged. It is lust at first sight when Doug and Helaine meet.

She secretly desires a dominant man to take control in bed and teach her the pleasures of sexual submission. They end up in some hot and heavy bondage and Doug is ready to go to the next level, but Helaine has been burned before and fears turning over too much power to any man. Doug knows she needs just the right mixture of gentleness and domination. Helaine is the perfect filly, but Doug will have to find the cowboy spirit to rope her.

After reading through this book, I have to say that I think Reese Gabriel is an excellent writer of romance. If this book had stayed vanilla she would have had me hog tied and ready for more. As it stood this was supposed to be a book about a BDSM relationship and as hard as I tried, I couldn't relate. I'll get through the good stuff before I get to the bad.

For starters, the title had me salivating. I knew it was a long shot but I had visions of Pony Girls running around a farm. Like I said, a long shot. Either way, the title was quite intriguing. I really like the characters of Jake and Jilly. They were hot, honest and naughty. The way two characters should have been. I felt that Ms Gabrielle had a pretty good handle on the two of them and they behaved exactly as I would have pictured them. And did.... many... many... times. Through these two characters I was able to see that although she might not know the difference between sub and slave, she could certainly weild a story that was both believeable and hot.

Unfortantly, this sequal of the other two I found very hard to understand. I'm sure I'd have to read book one to understand how a man with Dominant fantasies allows a subbie girl to get away in the first place. I can't judge that though, because I don't recall reading book one. Therefore, I'm going back to what I know about book two.

Helaine doesn't seem very much into being a submissive. She might be able to play the role, but something about her character just didn't ring as a true submissive. More like kinky playtime than someone who wanted to do something because the other one enjoyed it. It was just out of character and I found it hard to get into her head because I felt like she was not being herself.

Doug just didn't make any sense to me at all. His need to be a Dominant seemed to come out of nowhere. Kinky sex was never even in the picture for him. I have this image of him sitting around watching CNN and it striking him that he wants to tie up women. Again his Dominance just wasn't there. I felt like he was put into the wrong book. There was a need for another BDSM tale, when in truth Jake and Jilly would have held onto that just fine, leaving him open to explore his more romantic vanilla side. Had that been the case, these two would have been a dynamite couple. It would have even been nice to see that in the BDSM world, lifestylers, do in fact hang out with vanilla couples.

I don't want to write a long review that isn't a good one. Unfortunatly the only wonderful part I found in this book was the continuing relationship between Jake and Jilly. Doug and Helane might have enjoyed playing roles, but neither of them are remotly serious about exploring a Dominant and submissive relationship.

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On Your Knees By: Brynn Paulin

Title: On Your Knees
Author: Brynn Paulin
Publisher: Elloras Cave 2007
Rating: 5 out of 5

BDSM Reviews did not write this blurb

When Jessica is invited to a sex toy party at Pleasure Palace, she never dreams she'll receive a one-on-one demonstration from her own personal dungeon master who demands nothing less than her complete submission. Jessica has never submitted to anyone and as aroused as the idea makes her, she can't easily give over her control to this stranger.

The dungeon master isn't exactly a stranger. He's her boss. Ryan is shocked to learn Jessica plans to visit Pleasure Palace and he's not about to let the opportunity pass him by. For years, he's hidden his BDSM lifestyle and his attraction to her. Now wearing the mask of the dungeon master, he will reveal both as he introduces Jessica to the delights of his domination. Before the end of the evening, he plans to have her on her knees.and his forever.

So how do I describe this book? 96 pages of pure sexual fantasy? Well it wasn't exactly 96 pages, there's the title page, author notes... 93 pages? Whatever it was, it was damned hot. These two burned off the pages and need a fire extinguisher to get them off each other. Alright, enough cliche statements for one lifetime. I really, really liked this book.

From the first moment Ryan says "Jessica." in that quiet Dominanting voice, that refuses to except argument he had me quaking in my lacy underwear. By the time he actually punctuates "On. Your. Knees" I was lost. Frankly, I don't remember much after that point, I was up to my boots in naughty behavoir. He was hot, demanding, caring, kind, sweet, romantic, funny, delicious.

As for her??? I loved Jessica, I wanted to be her. Scared to death she follows through with it anyway. I enjoyed her fear because it was real. Two strange guys getting you off and you have no idea what's going to happen next... well it might sound enticing but not knowing what to expect can be a bit daunting in real life. She finally goes through with it and doesn't regret one single second of it. Her limits are pushed, but not in a way that would seem wrong. It's his job to push her limits and it's her job to find out how far she's willing to go. Both of these characters were very well written.

I appreciate Brynn's perspective on things. I always enjoy exploring new characters as long as they are real and the author stays true to them. It shows from page one and if they stay with them, it carries onto the very end of this book. I loved every minute of this and made sure I had time to read it in one sitting. I would have been very disappointed if I had been distracted. Thank you Brynn, this was a pleasure.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dare to Dominate By: Claire Thompson

Title: Dare To Dominate
Author: Claire Thompson
Publisher: Elloras Cave
Rating: 2 out of 5

Jonathan Goldman's sexual fantasies are colored with dominant dreams of enslavement and control. As a liberated man who admires and adores women, his fantasies leave him feeling ashamed.

Laurel Jordan is a free spirit. She joyfully embraces her sexually submissive nature, understanding the road to true liberation lies not in upholding society's rigid mores and expectations but in being true to oneself. Yet Laurel has a secret too. Though ready for adventure, she keeps her heart carefully concealed. No man has ever penetrated the carefree, casual attitude she wears around herself like a shield.

When this unlikely pair meets, the sparks fly. Jonathan is forced to confront and come to terms with his dominant sexual impulses. Laurel finds her careful façade being cracked by the only man ever to get close enough to break her heart. As Jonathan and Laurel move from casual BDSM play to a more serious D/s relationship, each is forced to decide if this is merely a game or a way of life and ultimately, of love.

If I had to sum up how I felt about this book as a whole I'd have to say I'm frustrated to no end. I know it's not a good way to start a book review. But, it can't be helped. An author with such obvious talent, I had hoped to see something better done with it. Through out her book, Claire Thompson constantly tells us the rules of play. Through dialogue she shows that she is a great teacher. Yet, through her characters actions she shows time and time again, that neither of them understand one thing they are doing. So, yes, I'm sorry, this review is going to sound a bit agro to the end.

What I liked about Ms. Thompson's writing is that she has this strange ability to make her characters actually speak. I could see that they would say this or that. Her dialogue is smooth and natural. Any writer would drool to have the opportunity to do what she seems to do so easily. I liked the fact that I couldn't name anything that I"d cut out of the book. It was long, it seemed for the most part real. There was real heart ache, real break ups, real scenes. This is a talent that is something that a person doesn't just obtain, you either have it or you don't. And here, she has it.

What went wrong for me was the contradictions throughout this book. The lack of communication between partners, something so essential to the most vanilla of relationships, yet a relationship built upon a power exchange couldn't have been afforded the same respect. The lack of safeword, because he'll just know when she's had enough, made me grind my teeth in utter frustration. You've signed your own death ticket as far as I'm concerned. Then, when there is an injury, we still don't see the couple sit down and discuss safe words. Worse yet, I don't feel the guy even practiced before he broke out the whip.I could have understood these mess ups IF and only IF two things had happened. One, neither person in the relationship really had any idea of BDSM and two both were growing, learning and improving. Of which I feel as though none of those things occured.

To top off my frustrated state I had to hear how a Domme, who had two full time slaves in her home was at Laurel's BDSM Club and was described as playing the part well and dressing the part to perfection. At that point I threw the book across the room and didn't pick it up again for two more days. I'd like to meet the Domme who appreciates her full time lifestyle being compared to someone just playing the part. This isn't halloween. This is a life for many. Day in and day out, they are who they are and would never appreciate being told they played the part well. And then as if I wasn't annoyed enough I got to read over and over again a sub being called a slave, a slave being called a sub. The two could not be more different than each other.

I'm sure there is more that I could name, but, it's been a long time since I've read a book by an author who frustrated me this much. More so because according to her dialogue in the story, I felt she at least understood what she was writing. So then I have to ask myself, do I blame the author or the editor? Who do you get mad at most? THe person who wrote the story without fully researching or the editor who didn't know it wasn't right in the first place. If for no other reason it forces me to get my bum in gear and update my website. I hope things have changed since this story has been written. I truly believe that growth can happen at any stage, a more researched story could have produced a better ending for all.

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Tied and Tempting By: Maggie Casper

Title: Tied and Tempting
Author: Maggie Casper
Publisher: Elloras Cave 2007
ISBN: 9781419913297
Rating: 3 out of 5

Nash Jameson wasn't at all sure Mira Collins would show up and if she did, would it lead anywhere? Dominant by nature, he'd been attracted to Mira's submissiveness since the day they'd met. Would she follow him down a road of desire that could very possibly lead her into a lifestyle most only fantasize about?

Going to a costume party at a local BDSM club in order to seduce the man of her dreams might not be the norm but it was exactly what she had planned. Being tied and spanked however, was not in her plans and yet felt like icing on the cake of a night overwhelmed by new sexual experiences and an awareness of herself unlike any Mira had ever known.

There's a lot to be said for reading short BDSM pieces. For one you can get to the heart of the matter without chapter upon chapter of backstory. On the other hand you can really miss seeing the budding of a new relationship right from the start. It's sorta how I feel about this story. On the one hand I enjoy Boss/subordinate stories. Their hot and a bit naughty. In this case it made it easy not to have to go through long chapters of how it all began. On the other this story seems based on alot of trust. And that trust seems to be spent alot in the bedroom. I'm just not one to believe trust can be built in the bedroom. Not with BDSM anyway.

I enjoyed that Mira wasn't all wet and needy at the sight of the whipping. I loved and still believe the best scene in the whole book was the masterbation scene. Mira has a need that she doesn't really understand, but doesn't mind exploring. I think alot of women can fit into that catagory. She also had a moment where she was completely humiliated and wanted to leave. She'd humiliated herself. Shown her true colors. For that, she needed to get away find a way to hide herself.

Thankfully though, Nash wouldn't allow such drama to affect that only possible night he would get with Mira. He's sexy, demanding, but not a domineering ass like some can come across. He's sure about what he wants and even though he's scared to death of getting it, he isn't one to let a good thing pass. The scenes we see that transpire between him and Mira were on target. They followed protocol, but, it was a bit difficult for me to truly see what was going on. I felt the author spent a good bit of time visualizing and not enough time finding a way to sum it up. In the world of BDSM writing, I'm a firm believer that less is more. The scenes would have been explosive had she followed that rule of thumb.

I liked Nash as a dominant. I felt his heart was truly into it and that Mira was at least at first along for the ride. She soon had a change of heart and whole heartedlly threw herself into her position. It's up in the air if I see the relationship still moving forward or not. It's hard to tell when I feel like we'd just scratched the surface. At the end I truly felt like it was more of a one night stand than forever. But, who knows, maybe that's how all new relationships start.

Either way, I'll say that all in all I enjoyed reading this story. I read it one sitting and didn't put it down even once. She's an author that I'd like to see more from. I feel she has the basic concepts of this lifestyle down and with a little more writing she could have much to offer the BDSM genre.

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Speed Dating By: Yvette Hines

Title: Speed Dating
Author: Yvette Hines
Publisher: Phaze
ISBN: 1-59426-903-3
Rating: 5 out of 5

Jenna Taylor a legal secretary is in love with her deliveryman, Malcolm Douglas. Apprehensive about how to go about getting him to notice her, she begins to order packages daily in an attempt to force his hand. However, three months into the delivery scheme she discovers Malcolm has not caught on and believes she owns a home business. Dejected, Jenna follows the advice of her friend, a Dominatrix, attends a Valentine’s Day speed-dating event and embarks on a clandestine adventure she’ll never forget. When she meets L’entraîneur (The Trainer) he shows her a completely new side of herself.

What sets ok sex apart from one hell of a good time sex? A masked man that you don't know. Ok so I'm a total sucker for sex with a stranger. Which means I seriously need to update my resume. Especially if L'entraineur is taking applications. Ok, so Yvette almost lost points for making me read french, however, she had me panting before her conversation was over at the speed dating event and I was too hooked to care. He's everything you'd dream of in a masked Dominant. If I had to sum him up in one word, I'd say.... suave. He spoke smoothly, he stayed in control, he moved like a leopard and she had no idea what she was in for, yet loved every second of it. It's what a fantasy should be made of.

I loved how, when Jenna first entered the coffee shop she was totally thrown by what she saw. Then when the event started and she had to look up terms in her book, I couldn't help but laugh. I wouldv'e done the same thing. Then when Mr. Suave showed up and said he just liked "talking", of course Jenna was so engrossed in the activity she had no idea what "talking" meant. I just about fell off the couch laughing. It was just too cute. I love any author who has a sense of humor. Thanks for making me laugh so hard.

And so begins their night together. Not just once, but again two nights later. He doesn't push her too far, which I love. It can be rather daunting to a girl when she gets her first taste of BDSM and the guy is all too eager to try out his new lasso and electrodes. No, he gives her simple commands that she has the choice to be able to follow or not to follow. In this day and age though, when women are taught that submitting to a man is wrong and tasteless, she of course becomes frightened. That and the fact that she loses her mask. It's amazing how far we're willing to go when no one knows who we are.

I'm not sure what happens after the end, but whatever it is I'll be hot for these two for a very long time. Thank you Yvette for entertaining me. I had a wonderful evening thanks to you.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Rose of Any Colour By: Various Authors

Reviewed by Elise Logan

Title: A Rose of Any Colour: Book 2: Maledom
Author: Canice Brown-Porter, Miranda Heart, Kayleigh Jamison, Emily Ryan-Davis, Katrina Strauss, and Joe Wilson
Publisher: Freya’s Bower
ISBN: 1-934069-81-7
Genre: Male Dom anthology
Publication Date: 2007
Rating: 4 of 5

As we’ve previously discussed here, reviewing anthologies can be a tricky business. There always seems to be some unevenness in the stories – one that shines brighter than the others, one that doesn’t seem to hold its own. In this case, I am pleased to say that I didn’t think any of the stories detracted from the anthology, which is a rare thing in any anthology and a nearly unheard of thing in an anthology about BDSM. Generally, I can’t call a single story my favorite, because I have more than one. All of the stories were worth reading, and they varied enough to have a little taste of many different types of domination.

I’m going to go through these individually, so each story gets a little mini-review.

The first story in the anthology is Canice Brown-Porter’s On Bended Knees. The vignette opens with Morgan having just completed her training with Evan. The story which follows is an exploration of the power exchange of a submission. The issues of trust, limits, and communication are all explored with honesty and a good dose of reality. The lifestyle perspective (not just a little role play) is strong and clear, and makes for a balanced examination of the situation. However, so much emphasis is put on the situation that the characters are not as fully developed as I would like to see. The dialogue is quite formal – even stilted in some places. This, combined with the surface nature of the characters, very nearly overrides the connection between the Dom and sub. Even so, the story is well-executed and it is clear that the author is well-acquainted with the lifestyle. There is an extremely hot masturbatory scene, and a lovely description of the Ceremony of Roses. Overall, I’d say this was a solid, well-done glimpse into the most important aspect of dominance – the power exchange.

The second story is Miranda Heart’s Little Book of Fantasies. Here we find Kaitlyn at the mercy of her new boyfriend, Steven. They haven’t been together long, and Kaitlyn is stunned when he kidnaps her. Over the course of the story, the importance of communication and trust is key. Kaitlyn must learn to trust Steven, and Steven must learn to trust himself. This is not the more formal, ritualized exchange of power described in Ms. Brown-Porter’s story, but the raw, edgy exchange of power of two people drawn to each other and driven to satisfy their individual cravings. From that standpoint, Ms. Heart is right on the money in her characterization of the difficulty and importance of getting the balance just right. The story is a little flat for me because I found it difficult to identify with Kaitlyn. The intensity of the scenes and the uncertainty in the power exchange makes for an interesting tale.

The third offering is A Scandalous Arrangement by Kayleigh Jamison. In this historical short story, Anna, a virgin of the aristocracy, finds herself given to a brothel to cover her brother’s debts. Lord Vere Fane purchases her from the brothel and proceeds to introduce her to the pleasure of pain and the appeal of submission. Vere is an interesting character in that we don’t see him outside his interactions with Anna, so our entire perception of him must come through her. Anna herself is very open-minded and blasé about her situation, much more accepting than I would be! Still, her acceptance of the situation lends her a certain grace that is appealing. There are several blips that distracted me from the story at hand – small historical details and problems with the internal logic of the story. However, these were relatively small and easily overlooked. The major problem, for me, was the lack of sensory or emotional input into the intimate scenes between Anna and Vere. I found myself distracted from these scenes by questions about what was going on – physically and emotionally – with Anna. It’s a nice fantasy piece for those who prefer a harsh taskmaster.

Next is Emily Ryan-Davis’ Unwrapping Amy, a nice present for the reader. Mac and Amy give us a beautiful love story about finding each other again after years of marriage. Amy has always held back, afraid that her darker desires will drive Mac away. Mac, on the other hand, is frustrated at Amy’s distance, even while he struggles with his concerns over his ability to keep himself in check. I’d just like to say, at this point, that I adore Mac. He is an excellent Dom, and his love for his wife shines through in his actions and words. Their relationship is drawn so well, so poignantly, that it is nearly painful to read in spots, but the characters are so finely crafted that you feel you know these people, and you just have to find out what happens. All in all, an engaging and satisfying read that leaves you feeling a little rough around the edges – in a good way.

The fifth story is Efflorescence by Katrina Strauss. Ms. Strauss does several interesting things in telling us about the romance of Hannah and Pavel. First, the setting is early 20th century New York – post-World War I, just at the onset of Prohibition. Ms. Strauss cannily works in references to prominent figures of the time, and places Hannah just on the cusp between the old order and the new hope. It makes for a fascinating and engrossing backdrop. The characters in this story are incredibly strong, quite an accomplishment for such a short piece. The two struggle with political upheaval, societal pressures (bondage is not what one would call an acceptable sexual practice in that time period), and their own emotional turmoil. Though the focus is more on bondage than dominance, there is a thread of power exchange that holds it together. Somehow, Ms. Strauss manages to pull these disparate pieces into a beautifully choreographed romantic pas-de-deux that leaves the reader breathless and sighing.

The final story, Touching Down by Joe Wilson, veers into what seems to be autobiographical territory. The prose and writing style are a bit choppy, with a good bit of head-hopping to throw the reader off. On the other hand, there is a strong element of realism to the exchanges, which make them more powerful. The head-hopping can make following the thread of the story a little confusing, but the descriptions of some of the techniques – visualization, particularly – make it worth the effort. In all, an interesting study of the dynamics of a relationship between a Dom and his sub.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Raising the Dead by Angelia Sparrow

Reviewed by Elise Logan
Title: Raising the Dead
Author: Angelia Sparrow
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419913815
Genre: BDSM
Publication Date: October 2007
Rating: 5 of 5

It is rare that a short story is so complete, so like a perfectly cut and polished jewel of erotic literature. This one is, absolutely.

Shane and Victor are an established couple, and the author does a fantastic job of getting the reader into the rhythm of their relationship without sacrificing the flow of the story. Their characters grow and develop through the story, and there is some real depth of motivation. The dialogue is excellent – snappy, tender, harsh, broken. The author mixes hard core sensation and dominance scenes with emotional tenderness and stellar communication. In fact, the author does such an amazing job of creating good communication between the characters that I am tempted to use it as reference for how such communication should work in a relationship.

There were a couple of little points that kept the story from being absolutely perfect, but they were so minor as to be nits that I am picking. The abrupt resolution was a little jarring, but that stems mostly from the fact that the story is entirely from Shane’s perspective, so we don’t get any peeks into Victor’s internal dialogue. Still, I wouldn’t change it, since the firmly consistent point of view does a lot to maintain the flow of the story.

So, the story itself features Shane and Victor at a bit of a crossroads. Victor wants more from Shane – more dominance, more sensation, more verbal abuse, more humiliation, just more. Shane, a horror writer, is afraid that he will go too far. He doesn’t want to lose Victor as an individual – he loves and respects him. Shane is terrified that Victor will push him to go further and further and will have no stopping point. He is horrified at the prospect of what he thinks he could become. In reaction, he tries to pull Victor back from the dark edge, but Victor resists. He wants to be dominated, he wants to be abused. The tension over this issue could be very destructive (the author handles this with finesse and skill).

Shane hatches a plan. He thinks that if he goes suddenly very hardcore lifestyle, into the realm of complete slavery, then reverts back to what he considers to be sane levels of domination, Victor will be shocked back from his darkest desires. This works only somewhat, but then backfires completely. I won’t give away the ending, but suffice it to say that there is a satisfactory resolution.

The scenes in this story are completely hot. The characters are memorable and engaging. The story is interesting. The writing is well done, and the dialogue is superb. I was pleased to have the opportunity to read this story, and it’s a sheer joy to review. Thank you, Ms. Sparrow.

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Summon the Masters Anthology

Reviewed by Elise Logan
Title: Summon the Masters
Author: Madeleine Oh, Dominique Adair, Jennifer Dunne
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419907616
Genre: BDSM anthology, e-book
Publication Date: 2007
Rating: 3 of 5

Reviewing anthologies is always tricky business. In this case, the three stories here are supposed to be about Dominants and their subs. However, I’d like to say right off the bat that only one of the three stories struck me as having any kind of real power exchange vibe going. The other two were more sensation play and bondage – a little role play – but not true submission as such. So the question of how to tackle the anthology? I’ve elected to do three short reviews individually. The rating is based on 3 star ratings for the first two stories and a 4 star rating on the third.

Interlude, the piece by Madeline Oh, follows Alex and Dai. Alex goes to Wales to look after her aunt’s cottage, and things get very interesting. I liked the fantasy (in the genre sense, not the role-play sense) elements of the story. I also liked the Dom (Dai) as a character quite a lot. Alex, though, I just couldn’t get into. She leaves for Wales with a relationship still intact – she has decided to end it, but doesn’t. Even when he calls her later, she doesn’t end it. Her internal dialogue over her reasons for wanting out indicate that she is extremely uncommunicative about her needs with her Dom, a key problem in a Dom/sub relationship. Communication is completely glossed over here, and the power exchange is therefore never fully realized. Her internal dialogue is not in a submissive frame, but rather in the frame of someone seeking sensation and bondage. This is not a bad thing, per se, but it doesn’t fit with the purported theme of the anthology. Additionally the sex scenes are repetitive – which is not something you want to see in a short story.

The Cajun by Dominique Adair finds Rachel and Etienne stuck together in a tropical storm in the Louisiana bayou. Rachel and Etienne knew each other growing up, so their banter seems natural, which is fun. Again, though, the power exchange just doesn’t work. Rachel tops from the bottom, a major pet peeve of mine, and his reaction is glossed over. There is a nice spanking scene, but that is really the most sensation in this story. The lack of sensation and the flat power exchange make this story feel more like a slightly edgy vanilla story rather than a BDSM story.

The best of the three stories, in my opinion, is Life Sentence by Jennifer Dunne. The couple here, Samantha and Giacomo, are facing a larger issue in that Giacomo is actually cursed, so that provides an interesting motivation. This story has a very natural, completely appropriate sense of the power exchange between them. The tension and sexual chemistry is excellent, and the initial scene between Sam and Giacomo is a hot masturbatory one. There is a reality about their relationship that makes this story work, though I must say I would have really preferred it to be longer, as I found the ending to be abrupt. Still, the interaction is much more satisfying in this story.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Discovery by Rob Graham

Title: Discovery - A Phaze Heat Sheet
By: Rob Graham
Published by:
ISBN: 1-59426-904-1
Genre: BDSM Erotica
Reviewed by: Canice Brown-Porter

Rated: 3.5 out of 5

John struggles throughout his adult life to keep his dominating personality from surfacing. The idea that he could be even remotely like the people who raised him prevented him from letting his guard down. Until his lesbian, dominant friend Marie convinces him that under the right circumstances, his dominating personality may possibly be a plus. She levels a friendly dare in the form of a test of his dominant nature, and although John maintains a non-competitive attitude, he agrees to the test. Marie invites him to a party and tells him she's invited a special guest - a submissive - that he will have to find on his own.

Ariel has experience in the D/s lifestyle. Once the submissive of a Master who abandoned her with no warning. He didn't even release her and remove his collar. She had failed to please him, and in turn been punished by him on a regular basis whenever he chose to show up. But then he finally just disappeared one day and never returned.

Can John handle the responsibilities of a dominant when he has spent his life refusing to acknowledge all traits of a dominant personality?

Being a lifestyler with almost ten consecutive years of experience as a submissive, I had to put this story down and come back to it several times before I could finish it. In the end, I had to view it on the basics of fiction, and fiction alone.

Mr. Graham has a wonderful grasp on storytelling. The characters are well defined. Descriptions and dialogue are proportioned appropriately. I enjoyed the settings and the premise the story is based on, but found it hard to believe that any female - inside or outside the lifestyle - would actually take a stranger, whom she has known for not more than 30 minutes, to her apartment. Much less allow this man to tie her up rendering her totally defenseless and vulnerable. Granted a mutual friend setup the meeting (blind date), but still...

As for the kinky sex -- and, yes, there is plenty of that -- it's all believeably erotic. The scene is well described and enjoyable. Slow down, Mr. Graham, and you'll do very well in the industry. Your skills as a writer are evident. As with any story of fiction, it should be entertaining. Discovery by Rob Graham meets and fulfills that goal.


Reviewer's Note: For accurate research on the D/s lifestyle, I suggest The Safe, Sane, and Consensual creed is in place for a reason if a writer wishes to attract a loyal readership of those in the lifestyle.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

An Extreme Haunting By: Cheryl Dragon

Title: An Extreme Haunting
Author: Cheryl Dragon
Publisher: Ellora's Cave2007

Rating: 5 out of 5

Sean O'Brien inherits an old Irish castle, believing that the rumors of its haunting by an ancestor who kept a harem are ridiculous-until the ghostly influence destroys his inhibitions. His Dom side is exposed and he's taking everything he wants from the sexy, submissive ghost hunter alone with him.
Dana Rayne is hired to cleanse the castle of ghosts but they are stronger than any she's ever faced. Sean is stunned by their effect on him but Dana is more than willing to be the sub in Sean's kinky dungeon built for sex. The ghosts refuse to leave and grow stronger as Halloween nears. As Dana and Sean explore their deepest fantasies, the ghosts attempt to act out their own deadly desires.

This story is 47 pages long, therefore the author didn't have much time to build up a relationship on the plane and still fit in all the hot sex controlled by ghosts throughout the rest of the book. WHEW, one hell of a sentence, eh?

So for fantasy purposes I'll say this book was a very hot, sexy, bummed I wasn't in bed with more freedom kind of read. Sean seems to have a hard time keeping control of his fantasies, or he just really doesn't care to. We don't know much about Dana, which is fine. She obeys well and isn't that what matters most in a fantasy??

I sorta rolled my eyes when I found out this was a ghost story. I like Halloween but I don't LOVE Halloween. I never ever buy holiday books or picture frames. I am very glad that Ellora's Cave pubbed this story though. This could be read at any time of year and still be a fabulous story.

When we got to the part about the ghosts I started to freak out a little. Her visuals were awesome, but the crazy part is what happened while I read the story. You see way down here in the south the weather has finally changed. Of course it wouldn't actually change without an ice cold rainstorm to ring in the new season. So I have my doors wide open, little bit is watching a movie and I had a half hour to myself. (Yes, I'm a fast reader so I read this in one sitting) Just as I'm at the freaky ghost part, Dana faints, my front door slams shut so hard I almost fell out of my chair. From that point forward this book really was a little creepy. I loved being drawn into the old castle, I wanted to move into the dungeon. The Old Master of the house totally gave me the creeps, yet, kinda sexy in a super harem fantasy sorta way.

I was a little disappointed by the branding. I understood where it came from and it certainly had it's purpose, BUT, branding done improperly is extremely dangerous. Then the fact that she took a bath soon after had me cringing in pain. I've taken a shower with a burnt finger once and thought I'd die. Imagine a hip. I'm off my soap box about it. Sean was a great Dom through and through and Dana was a submissive most of us girls only dream to be. I was very happy to see that she wasn't just some brat looking for a spanking. We do get to see a slight playful side of hers, but for the most part she takes her role seriously and that made my morning. Now I'm going to take my cold shower and see you all for another book review this week.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Soul Master By: Reese Gabriel

Title: Soul Master
Author: Reese Gabriel
Publisher: Ellora's Cave2007

Score 3.5 out of 5

(BDSM Reviews did NOT write the blurb for this book.)
This book is the sequel to Chaining His Heart

Beautiful, sassy Cindy wants the handsome mercenary Conrad DeWitt in the worst way. She has the perfect opportunity when Conrad’s brother marries her best friend Chelsea on a romantic and remote Caribbean island.

Over a glass of wine, Cindy confesses her desires to Conrad. He tries to warn Cindy away, telling her that he is an incorrigible sexual Dominant who will accept nothing short of total obedience and submission from his bed partners. To his amazement, Cindy confesses that a taste of sexual slavery is exactly what she’s been craving in the lonely hours of the night—but without the whips and chains.

A bargain is struck and the two plunge together into an unforgettable night of passion and surrender. Conrad claims her body and soul, but little does he realize that his heart and hers will be swept away in the surge of desire.

There is one thing Reese Gabriel is always consistant about. The heat level in her stories is enough to catch my bed sheets on fire. With this book I'm torn. On the one hand it's hot. But, it doesn't start to get hot until Conrad decides to do something other than make advances that are unwanted by Cindy. And I say unwanted because there is way more dialogue than action. Even if I was a 24/7 sub looking for forever, I wouldn't appreciate any man demanding my time. In this case the heroine doesn't think she has an interest in the lifestyle. This being her first contact with a Dominant you'd think he'd be less of an ass about it. He just comes off far too much of a Domineering Ass even for my taste. This could have all been relieved however had we known the heroine was wet and panting through the whole conversation.

Past that point though the book was well worth my time. Conrad is called away on an oversees business trip, that turns out to be an almost deadly mission for him. I found myself hoping he'd be safe and crying towards the end of the book. I truly liked Conrad and Cindy.

I opted to still do this review simply because I'm not sure if this is a book about Domination and submission or just two vanillas enjoying kinky sex. It is however a very worthwhile investigation to get to the bottom of this.

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Love My Way By: Bridget Midway

Title: Love My Way
Author: Bridget Midway
Publisher: Loose ID 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59632-427-5

Score 5 out of 5

(This blurb was done by Loose-ID or it's author. BDSM Reviews did NOT write this blurb.)
BDSM Dominant, Eagan Morton, is in search
of a new submissive via a reality TV show.
Bent on revenge, Ananda Zelder participates
and wins his interest. Will love dominate or
will they submit to outside pressures?

Ok these have go to be the two hottest people in the world. Seriously, when I found out this was "The Bachelor" with a dirty twist I almost closed the file and moved on. I can't stand reality shows. But, I persevered because this author has waited a long time for this review and hasn't bitched once. Which gave me an idea of how much patience her Dom would have.

Oh and boy does he. Bridget had my knees turned to jello on more than one occasion. At first I felt Eagon should have kicked Ananda off the show. After all she didn't' do a damn thing she was supposed to. But, even me who believe everyone should be perfect had to see through this. Submissives should show growth and a desire to learn. Despite the fact that Ananada just couldn't stay put in her room at night she showed a strength the other guests did not have. Eagon needed someone to test him. A sub always willing to do what she's told without ever being questioned, a submissive who has no room for growth is just a bore. Bridget delivered all that and more with this book. The very first encounter with the kitchen had me melting in my bed sheets. But, it was the way that Eagon handled himself throughout this tale that had me falling in love with him.Patience is a virtue but being human is what eventually connects us. He showed more than once that he can make mistakes, he can learn from his mistakes and he can become a stronger man for it.

Bridget Midway also exhibits a sense of humor that had me laughing on several occasions. She has a voice that no other writer could possibly copy. Between the laughing, the crying, the frustration and of course the sexual tension she gave it her all in this book and I can't wait to read something else from her. She's quickly become one of my most favorite authors. Thank you Bridget, I hope you allow BDSM Reviews to enjoy another of your books.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Love, Honor and Obey by Cynthia Rayne

Reviewed by Elise Logan
Title: Love, Honor and Obey
Author: Cynthia Rayne
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419911088
Genre: BDSM erotic fiction, e-book
Publication Date: 2007
Rating: 3 of 5

Carrie is in a bind. The terms of her father’s will dictate that she needs to marry her father’s protégé, Justin, if she wants her inheritance any time soon. Carrie finds Justin attractive, sure, but she doesn’t know anything about him, so how can she marry him? Especially when one of the first pieces of personal information Justin shares with Carrie is that he requires complete control in the bedroom.

This story starts out very strong. Carrie’s inner dialogue is laugh-out-loud funny, and you quickly become invested in Carrie’s character. In fact, her character is one of the best things about this book. Her inner dialogue is excellent, and there are several points at which I found myself grinning or laughing at her thoughts. Another point in this story’s favor is that there are hints that Justin’s character can be just as engaging. The problem, though, is that in a story this short, you really only get hints. I really wanted this story to be a little longer to allow their characters a fuller development, because they were interesting.

I had a few fairly major problems with this piece. The first problem is that Justin is an inconsistent Dominant. He knows she doesn’t know the rules, but he doesn’t explain things to her or help her figure out what her role is supposed to be. He alternately expects too much and too little from a new submissive – especially a complete neophyte. This dovetails with the major problem I have with this story, which is the sex scenes. I just didn’t feel these scenes at all. They came across as mechanical, with repetitive phrasing and lack of emotional or sensory information. He takes her through some fairly involved situations with little or no preparation. It seemed as if the author was trying to fit as many different types of sexual activity as possible into a very short space – and this goes back to my wish that this story was just a little longer. I think a little more story would have made a vast improvement in the intensity of the sex.

The story development is good, the characters – especially Carrie – are very good, and the sex is ho-hum. Overall, the story fell short of what it could have been, but was a fun read nonetheless.

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Taking the Job by Cheyenne McCray

Reviewed by Elise Logan
Title: Taking the Job
Author: Cheyenne McCray
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9791419909870
Genre: BDSM erotic fiction, e-book
Publication Date: June 2007
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

This offering in the Taboo series takes a look at a very common fantasy – office sex. Cheyenne McCray’s version begins with Elsie in an interview with John. The job interview is usurped by the sexual dynamic, and they end up exploring a Dom/sub relationship in this story.

The strongest element of this story is the author’s ability to write a steaming hot scene. This is a good thing, because the vast majority of the story is sexual. There is very little non-sexual interaction between the characters within the scope of the story, so the explosive chemistry is paramount. Elsie and John have an intense attraction, and John is willing to help her fulfill a fantasy about multiple partners, which makes for some hot reading, indeed.

I have some difficulties, however, with a number of the BDSM elements of this story. The Dom’s behavior reads to me like a vanilla alpha male trying to be a Dom, so the scenes lack realism. As an example, they jump into the first scene in his office, without any conception of what each others requirements or limits might be, and with no safe word in place in case one of those undiscussed limits is reached. However, as this is a fictionalization, and a fantasy, overlooking some non-romantic nuts and bolts doesn’t seem too problematic. In another case, however, John lets her get away with blatant and obvious impertinence – her ordering him to do something – with no punishment at all. That sort of allowance really drops me out of a scene, leaving me feeling let down.

This is a good fantasy piece. Unfortunately, the heat can only take the story so far, and the lack of realism and relationship-building hamper what is otherwise a fun read.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Opinions Please!

Let me know what you all think of the new blog!

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Full Ride by Gail Faulkner

Reviewed by Elise Logan
Title: Full Ride
Authors: Gail Faulkner
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 1-4199-0129-X
Genre: BDSM erotic fiction
Publication Date: 2005
Rating: 5 of 5

Oh, what a beautiful beginning. I can’t tell you how fabulous I found the first scenes of this book. The author jumps right into a scene, and it’s a beauty. I found the tone just right, the Dom just harsh enough to be exciting – very exciting – without becoming a callous jerk. And our sub is right on the money. But, wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Our sub, Prin, is widowed. She had shut down the submissive part of her life at her husband’s death, convinced that part of her sexuality had died with him. Now, four years later, her submissive nature has been aching to get some satisfaction. Her friend Dave sets up a scene with a Dom he knows (Gray, but you don’t find that out until later). The rules are simple. No names, no personal information, no contact after the encounter. The guidelines for the scene are set out in advance in a contract for which Dave acts as go-between. Dave is Prin’s safety net – he knows where she is, who she’s seeing. This is one of the aspects of BDSM play that often gets overlooked, but it is incorporated beautifully and naturally here.

Now, back to the story. Prin has been out of the game for four years, so while she knows the way it’s supposed to go, she’s out of practice. Truth be told, her husband hadn’t really pushed the domination envelope with her. But Gray certainly does. In the first 75 pages of the book (their arranged night together), he puts her through her paces beautifully. Prin finds that moment, that one shining moment of realization where she surrenders to the will of her Dom. That moment is written with clarity and truth in a way that resonates with the reader.

Sadly, that night has to end, and the two of them have to re-enter the real world. In the real world, Prin has some major things going on in her life. Her issues are such that she doesn’t feel it is appropriate or desirable to enter into any kind of relationship right now. But Gray isn’t taking no for an answer. He knows what they have is special, and he doesn’t want to let it go. The rest of the story, from the time they leave the hotel room on that first morning after, through the end, is much more romantic (which is not to say that it isn’t hot and sexy, too).

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I liked the characters, I loved the scenes, I enjoyed the intense start followed by the more traditionally romantic relationship building. Overall, an excellent read.

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Friday, June 29, 2007

Into His Keeping By: Gail Faulkner

Author: Gail Faulkner
Title: Into His Keeping
Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910579

Reviewed By: Monique
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Blurb from Elloraʼs Cave:

She became the air he breathed. Her passionate gift of surrender matched his dominant soul. Then she was gone. Heʼd never accepted that sheʼd wanted to leave. Ensuring she could find her way back to him was the drive that shaped him into a modern-day gladiator as ruthless as any whoʼd lived to walk off the blood-soaked field in the original Coliseum. Fifteen years later it was way past time to accept sheʼd chosen not to return.

Second chances were wishful thinking. Jill wasnʼt looking for one. She didnʼt have time for pipe dreams and she had no illusions about the stranger Holdin had become. Famous, rich and now retired from football, he might not remember her. If he did, he might not care to hear what actually happened so long ago. She desperately hoped she had something he would care about though.

A second chance was all Holdin needed. Ensuring possession of Jill was a battle he intended to win. Veteran of a thousand fields of honor, Holdin knew better than to expect a fair fight.

I incorporated the description given by Elloraʼs Cave to give you a sense of what makes this story absolutely fascinating. It begins as an all consuming tidal wave of emotion and it never lets up. Miss Faulkner has managed to create two characters that need each other with so much intensity, itʼs breathtaking.

I particularly liked that she gives us a glimpse of our hero/heroine as young lovers, sweethearts, if you will, where even in their innocence, they had the makings of a Dom/sub relationship. Holdin has always known who he is, but the tenderness with which he teaches Jill about submission really gives the reader a beautiful glimpse into the BDSM lifestyle. During their first love making scene, he eases her into it with such care, such gentleness, you really get a sense of how much he respects and loves her, despite the beast within him that begs to come out. As adults, their love scenes get hotter and hotter, until it finally explodes into a full out heated session with toys, rough commands, and a breakdown in the shower that will leave you flushed and teary eyed all at once.

The vivid account of Jillʼs trip into subspace also displayed Miss Faulknerʼs thorough understanding of whatʼs so appealing in this lifestyle. It was intense, but at the same time, when Jill peaked, we understood her euphoria. That sort of writing is difficult to come by.

Expect to be moved by this story. Miss Faulknerʼs writing borders on poetic. She creates a realistic family dynamic that made me laugh at times. Her understanding of male bonding is sharp and I wonder if she could share that insight with the rest of the world. We could certainly use it. But seriously, what struck me most were the emotions, not just in the romance, but even in the small moments, that will imprint the life story of Holdin and Jill in your memory for a long time after youʼve read it.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Discovery, By Cris Anson

Publisher: Ellora's Cave: Quickies: Valentine Vixens
Title: Discovery
Author: Cris Anson
ISBN: 9781419909429

Reviewed By: Canice Brown-Porter
Rating: 4 out of 5

Becca is a middle-aged attorney who needs to explore her true nature. An identity she's suppressed all her life. After ten years of marriage to Steve, she knows they are in a rut. Perhaps this will rekindle the fire that had consumed them in the beginning. Finding herself and exploring the submissiveness she harbors deep inside could be just the answer she needs. At the same time, she'd be able to experience her dark fantasies of exhibitionism. Becca just wants to let go and delve into the desires she's kept locked away. Just once, she wants to experience the unspeakable.

This is where her friend, Glynnis, had come into the picture. Through Glynnis, arrangements for a weekend getaway were in place. Steve would suspect nothing. She and Glynnis occasionally headed off for some "girl time".

However, the giant Dominant that greeted her at the door quickly had her mind racing. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea afterall. But, Glynnis had assured her she would be perfectly safe. And her friend wasn't about to let her back out now. So, when the giant motioned them both inside, Becca took that first step into Discovery.

This is a well written story that takes the reader into the world of BDSM with smiles, giggles, amazement, and sparks of fire. Ms. Anson conveys the true guidelines of a Dominant/submissive relationship. The presence of the BDSM creed for Safe, Sane, and Consensual is woven into the dialogue and actions of all participants.

Discovery is a story of a woman who wants to rekindle the passion in her life. She realizes this is only possible if she can experience and explore all her deepest, darkest desires. With a surprise twist at the end, the reader closes the book with a sated appetite for hot sex. I love it when authors get the truth of the BDSM lifestyle right.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Main Attraction By: Anna J. Evans

Title: Main Attraction
Author: Anna J. Evans
Publisher:Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910326

Score 4.5 out of 5

This blurb is taken from the Ellora's Cave website. It was not written by myself.

Edna Emily Argent Rella runs the Wicked Stepmother and her Stepsisters S&M parlor in Kingdom City, but she has a secret… She's not so terribly wicked. A dominatrix by necessity, rather than calling, she does her best to capitalize on her naughty reputation. After the smear campaign waged by her stepdaughter Cynthia, there aren't many other employment options.

Frank, the Captain of the Queen's Guard, has been sent to protect Edna from the stalker threatening her life. Posing as a client, this dominant male soon realizes he's in for more trouble than he bargained for.

Because Edna is a born submissive. And Frank can't resist the urge to show her what she's been missing while on the Mistress side of the fence.

Ms Evans has written a titilating tale of danger, deception and Dominance. As fast as this book moved I was surprised she was able to fit a complete story in less than a hundred pages. But she did. And did an amazing job of it.

Edna's character is interesting because of status. She was married to the Queen's father. After all the lies her step daughter told and the death of her husband she can't find a job. She was left with employing herself and taking on those that needed to unleash their submissive sides as a Dominant. After she meets Frank who she's dubbed as baldy, she can't keep up her facade. She cracks under his Dominant energy. And then after some prodding and a misunderstanding she allows him to take her the only way he wants to take her. With him in control. She couldn't be more hot for him. The scenes with these two had my computer screen smoldering. All I truly was able to see of Edna was her submissive nature for sex. Although, the story has a plot, her attraction and response to Frank was more important.

Frank doesn't have to use force to get what he wants from Edna. He just has a magnatism that could bring any woman to her knees. He claims Edna's pussy as his and doesn't let her believe otherwise. I loved how he wanted to protect her. Wanted to claim her as his upon their first meeting. That just isn't possible because he's a man where his job comes first. Very endearing in a man.

The scenes in this book were perfect for these two characters. I however, did not enjoy the amount of author voice tossed into this book. There is a time and a place to go through your thoughts. In the middle of an action sequence or in the middle of conversation is not that place. Otherwise, this book is staying on my keeper shelf.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Giving Thanks To Laura Garcia

When I first started reading Ellora's Cave BDSM books for review I was really concerned about what the editors thought BDSM was supposed to be. Laura Garcia has done a fabulous job of sending books over from EC that is BDSM related. Not just fluffy spanking. These people truly either live this in the bedroom or both. I thank her for not sending me the fluff that I would have to send back because it wasn't true BDSM material.

Thank you Laura, you take alot of weight off my shoulders for all these reviews.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

His Submissive By: Reese Gabriel

Title: His Submissive
Author: Reese Gabriel
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910364

Score: 4 out of 5

WOW. Where do I even start about this book. At first Ms. Gabriel really had me sweating bullets with the mention of slave. As this is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. The last thing I wanted to do was send an email to EC and explain that I can't review their book because they screwed up the details. Not to mention I was actually enjoying these two characters. Boy am I glad I kept reading and started to understand the dynamics of their relationship. I was glued to my chair for hours to read this book. Ok it took two settings but I have a toddler we can't expect me to read 127 pages in one sitting. I was riveted by the sexual tension. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants at Linzee's attempt to outwit David Carlisle. it had nothing to with her brattiness. It had more to do with her ability to curse him at every turn and his reaction to her nasty tongue.

You see Linzee believes BDSM is somewhere up there with concentration camp victims. Abused, mistreated, broken down. And whipped like slaves. Ok she has a little of that right. Slaves are whipped in BDSM. But, everyone enjoys it. Linzee's sister Traycee wants Linzee and David to sit down and talk. Hash things out, make Linzee understand the lifestyle better. The reason is, Traycee has told David how unhappy Linzee is with her decision to submerge herself into such a female degrading lifestyle. Linzee has other plans though. She sits down with David and immediatly begins insulting him. At first I raised a brow. I mean seriously, who would go to such an extreme. Evidentally, Linzee does anytime she doesn't understand something. Want to talk about, cool, calm and in control at all times. David lets her have her say. He doesn't interrupt her, he doesn't loose his cool. And doesn't bend her over in the coffee shop. There are no threats of what will happen if she keeps up. Nothing. He states his case and watches as she flies off the handle. Any man worth his weight knows that when someone gets that way, bating them only add fuel to the fire. Not to mention she already hates this lifestyle. Why give her more of a reason to believe her ignorance.

Now David has an interest in Linzee, he sees slave written all over her and he wants her. He immediatly cancels becoming Traycee's mentor and decides to take on Linzee's training himself. He gives her a direct order that she's to wear a black dress to dinner. Of course Linzee scoffs at this, but then later decides to wear the black dress anyway. It was her only suitable dinner dress. Whatever her reasonings doesn't matter to David right now. SHe wore the dress. He offers her a challenge to try having an over the knee spanking first and see how she likes it before she continues to insult the lifestyle. As what he expects, she takes the bate. It only takes a little prompting for Linzee to start to respond and for David to realize he couldn't be more right about her. The thing is he's not looking for a submissive he's looking for a sex slave.

Their on again off again relationship continues throughout the book. She hates herself for how she feels and takes it out on David by flinging insults. He counters by not allowing her to orgasm. Forcing her to strip naked in his office. Having sex with her until she's about to explode and leaving her to wait. Telling her to give him blowjobs that he doesn't reciporcate. He has her trembling little body in the palm of his hand and there's nothing she can do about it. She's too needy for an orgasm that she can't seem to give herself. And worse all she can think about is his pleasure and how she can do more for him.

All of this culminates into issues for Linzee. She works as an attorney and walking around in a subbie low all day is giving her fits. SHe can't think, concentrate, move, all thoughts are on him. Her Master. Or the man she refuses to accept as Master. With her past and what happened to her parents she's torn between giving into her desires and holding strong for her sister who doesn't really need her anymore. It all makes for a very dramatic story line. One I thouroughly enjoyed.

I did have two issues with this book. One is the amount of author voice that constantly creeps in there. Stay in the moment. It's the only thing an author has in her writing. We can infer alot, discuss after the big heated discussion or sex scene is complete. Don't drag me out of the tale to give me her or his entire thought process on the situation. Secondly, The first several pages had my jaw dropping. This woman believes M/s, S/m, BDSM, D/s to all be degrading and painful. Then in the next second she's having fantasies of this happening. Goes home and dreams of it happening. She doesn't do any research until later, so she knows nothing of the lifestyle. To me that was the equivalent of a virgin whose never heard of sex suddenly having dreams of penetration. She can't imagine it because knows nothing about it. However, I refused to allow that to ruin my experience with this book. As a whole His Submissive was a very entertaining read.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Just Friends By: Ann Thomas

Title: Just Friends
Author: Ann Thomas
Publisher: Amber Heat
ISBN: 978-1-60272-061-9

Score: 4.5 out of 5

Eli Walsh and Wolf Grant have been good, platonic friends for the better part of a year. Though Eli's always been attracted to Grant, he's resigned himself to being just friends. But when Eli finds out Grant cruises for dates at the local gay leather club, he goes there, determined to convince Grant that the only one he should be bringing home that night is Eli. The problem is that if Eli tells Grant flat-out he wants him, it could ruin their friendship. Eli's had that happen before, and he's not about to risk it happening again.

Grant's offers to mentor Eli in the BDSM lifestyle seems the perfect solution. Though Grant insists they'll remain just friends, Eli is sure that during the intimacy of their play he can show Grant exactly how he feels, make Grant crave Eli so much that he won't want their lessons to end. And when Eli learns how powerful submission to Grant can be, he's certain they're meant to be together.

But heartbreak in Grant's past has made him wary of falling in love. Can Eli convince Grant to take a chance on their relationship, or will Eli's confession of loving Grant destroy their friendship once and for all?

Sometimes I swear the author of the book can write a better blurb than I can. This blurb is directly off of the website. I have stolen for review purposes.

Ms. Thomas has entered me into a life I never read about. The life of Male/male relationships. And I have to say, for my first m/m read, I'm impressed. I really liked the fact that these two are friends and Grant is aloof despite his feelings and Eli is trying desperately not to fall for the guy. I also haven't read a tale of two friends getting together in a very long time. So it was a nice change to the usual.

Eli is your typical male sub trying to find his way. He'd like to experience both sides to see where he stands. But when he kneels at the feet of the man he wants to spend the rest of his life all thoughts of Dominating fly out the window. Grant offers to show him the ropes in the lifestyle. If this is his only chance to get close enough to Grant to touch him, he'll take it. He just doesn't realize exactly what it will do to him.

Grant is aloof and refuses to get involved. He takes little subbies home for a night, sends em packing before morning. It's the way he's always done things. Well at least since the last terrible relationship he was in. He just can't afford for it to happen twice. Not to mention Eli is his best friend. What danger that could do to the relationship. But, Grant makes a mistake. He lets Eli stay for the night. But, tries to make it up to himself by being gone before his friend wakes. He leaves him a note letting him no that he'll find him a submissive since he doesn't sub to anyone. Now, this was the part I really liked. Grant is more than welcome to walk away from this and pretend it was nothing more than friends with benefits and not jeopardize everything. This doesn't happen often. I know I've never been able to pull it off successfully. Now you just get to find out how far Eli is willing to let this go before he steps up.

As much as I liked the writing of this story. Her descriptives were well written, but, I still felt a little withdrawn from the characters. Sorta like I was outside looking in. Her sex scenes were hot enough to burn up my pages, but the dynamics of the relationship were a bit lost on me. Maybe it was because it was my first time reading m/m, but I don't think so. I'd really like to see her delve a little more into the characters psyches, stay out of author voice and push to stay in the moment. Otherwise I felt this book was the exact change I needed in my reading. Thank you Ms. Thomas and I hope to read more from you.

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Nick's Lady By: Katherine Kingston

Title: Nick's Lady
Author: Katherine Kingston
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419910876

Score: 4 out of 5

Andrea Fasselli is Nick's accountant. She has enough on her plate with trying to keep up with her Aunt's failing health and warding off a stalker. She doesn't have time for relationships or games. And she certainly doesn't want to have anything to do with BDSM after her experience with Cal, her stalker.

Nick is pulled into Andrea's issues with Cal when Cal oversteps his bounds and comes into the workplace to physically drag Andrea off like some caveman claiming his woman. He saves the day and wants to know Cal and Andrea's story. When he finds out that she was apart of a BDSM club he's intrigued and wants the chance to show her all BDSM has to offer in a safe, sane and consensual environment. But, Nick doesn't live his life like the vanilla folks. He has a few secrets that he keeps to himself until he feels Andrea can handle them.

But, when Nick refuses to even budge a little on a few major issues Andrea takes offense and wants out. Will Nick learn to compromise to keep Andrea?

ALl in all Ms. Kingston has written a very interesting novel. The play scenes in Nick's Lady opened my imagination to a whole new set of possibilities. Who knew an exercise room could be so much fun? Nick's Lady is about just that. Everything he can offer his woman he does. Including his protection and his dominance.

This isn't your normal BDSM tale. It could be considered erotic, but, I think it falls under the title of romance more than eroticism here. I liked Nick's character because we see how a Dominant can grow as a man. He doesn't have issues with communicating. But he does have problems where compromise is concerned. He has issues with his family that are unresolved until Andrea comes into his life. And he ends up learning more than he ever thought he would about himself, the lifestyle and pleasure. Once he realizes that Andrea is the one he lets her in on the other part of his life. A couple that he is very close to. His wife has a hard time sexually and Nick is there to help. It's brought their relationship all that much closer and he has no intention of letting them go for anyone.

I liked how strong Andrea was. At least when she needed to be. I felt her character to be very real in the aspect of human psychology. Nick says no, she tries not to push. She has phone conversations with his mother behind his back, so she doesn't upset their relationship. All of these could have truly happened. Andrea is very accepting of Nick's life with his best friends and doesn't create an issue. At the start of the book Andrea is open to going out with Nick but wary of the lifestyle after Cal's mistreatment. After just a few short visits with Nick though, she's much more comfortable than she started out. Nick isn't as pushy as some Dominants maybe and that's perfectly alright with her.

The writing in this book was pretty good. I felt it could have had not necessarily more description but a better use of description. I would have loved to have been more drawn into these characters emotionally. Although, I liked these characters, I started to get the feeling that maybe the material was difficult with all the physical scenes. There's the argument in the office, the tantalizing plays at the club, then the scenes themselves. That much playing a book is fine. I just felt a little left out emotionally.

I will be seeing what Katherine Kingston has to offer in the future. She has a great opportunity to grow as an author, because her ability to spin a tale and think outside the box is captivating.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Mastering Marissa By: Cyna Kade

Title: Mastering Marissa
Author: Cyna Kade
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Score: 4.5 out of 5

What an interesting story to talk about. Marissa and Kytar, Talcor

After Marissa's mother's death, she's able to thankfully end communications with her abusive step father. Going through her mother's things she finds a letter that was written to her many years ago. The letter is explaining that her natural father lives on Darinth and would like to meet her one day.

Her father, Davo, is excited to finally speak to his daughter and asks her to come to a visit. But, Marissa is all to aware how things are on his planet. The degradation of women, forcing them into slavery and abusing them. Marissa has no intentions of ending up like her mother. Repeatedly she turns him down despite his protests that their planet does what the women are wanting them to do. He sends several videos for her to view. The real videos, not the ones the media wants you to see. Despite her desire not to find them intriguing and erotic, she does. Her own desires humiliate her, but she can't say no to her father after he promises to protect her.

She leaves for her father's planet and stays put in the waiting section. This is the only safe place for a woman. There she can wait for her father and although she can't stop the learing, no one can harm her. A man she doesn't know approaches her and offers to help. She refuses him repeatedly and then, thanks to the call of nature accepts his help. No sooner than she comes out of the bathroom does he bind her to him with a few magical words, leaving her close to orgasm and a need for submission. Again images of her beaten and bruised mother come to mind and she proceeds to fight her captor.

Kytar has kidnapped Marissa to get back at her father for interfering with his own group of people. He didn't expect the binding to steal his breath away and leave him wanting for more. Worse is, he doesn't understand how Marissa isn't giving into her true nature. The spell that binded them has left her feeling submissive towards him and she's fighting him every step of the way. He wants to be gentle with her, but her actions anger and confuse him. It takes everything he has not to harm her. He offers her his collar and outright refuses him, screaming about slavery. Something hs planet does not believe in. He believes her position to be honerable. After all, she gets to have pleasure beyond her wildest dreams.

He can feel her response to him, he needs to get back at Davo, so he locks her away in a cell hoping to force her acceptance of his collar. Marissa is furious with herself that she wants him and what he has to offer so badly. She blames it on the magic, but she still can't deny her body. Three days locked in a cell and the only thing she gets to see is him is about all she can physically take. She begs him to just take her. Have sex with her. He's insulted and refuses. She has to accept his collar first.

The collar is practically forced on her and even after she takes it she wants it off. But on Darinth there is no such thing as giving back a collar. The only way to make that happen is to challenge the Dominant's Dominance. Marissa feels if she doesn't do this she'll end up a shell of a woman like her mother, covered in bruises with no say in the matter. Despite how happy she has seen the other women on the planet, there are no promises and fear finally forces her to make this challenge.

She speaks to her father about all of this. He's refused to help because Marissa is no longer his property. He tries to calm her fears about submission but she won't have it and her father is left with no choice but to offer the challenge to Kytar.

Kytar is beside himself that she's offered this challenge. She doesn't understand what she asks. It could mean the death of both of them if the final ceremony doesn't go properly. He knows though, that this is the only way that he's going to earn Marissa's submission and he's prepared to go through it. That is of course if he can have the help of his close friend Talcor.

I can't give away anymore of the story line because I do want there to be some surprises. I will say though that I enjoyed this book immensly. I loved Marissa's character. She doesn't just find herself in a submissive position one day. Without her truly knowing or understanding it, she found those video's tantalizing, giving me at least a glimpse into a side of herself that has yet to be awakened. It's common practice for subs to test their Doms and Darinth seemed to be a better place to do so than earth. It wasn't a usual testing. It gave an excuse for Kytar to cause pain to her to force her submission. And it gave Marissa insight into Kytar. She doesn't trust him or herself. This challenge is what she needed to prove once and for all not all men are equal.

Kytar's character was different than what I'm used to reading. He's Dominant, but he prefers the softer side of Dominance and much prefers his partners to be willing. He doesn't enjoy causing undo pain just because it would make him happy. He causes pain because it would make his submissive happy. Two very different things in my book. He respects Marissa but he's forced to show his full Dominance to earn her respect, love and trust. That's not an easy feat when you're being tested at every turn. I kept waiting for something awful to happen and he loses his temper. Nothing. I love that in a man.

You might be wondering why I took off half a point to the book. It's nothing really against the author as she wrote a truly great book. It just bothers me ever so little to have books written about planets with nothing but DOminant males and submissive females. Planet earth is just fine. We have submissives here and don't need to have to travel outside of our galaxy to find a Dominant male. Despite what the single subs might believe.

I felt Ms Kade's writing to be spectacular. I loved her descriptives and all around care of her characters. Her understanding of the lifestyle made my day and to see how these two come together made my heart flutter in excitement. And I won't talk about my wet panties.

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